The 'Riverdale' Season 6, Episode 7 promo teases Hermione Lodge's return to the show.

A Fan-Favorite Returns In The Riverdale Season 6, Episode 7 Promo

There is... so much to unpack.

The CW

Riverdale wasted absolutely no time getting back to its off-the-rails antics after Season 6 returned from its four-month hiatus. The first episode following the parallel-universe Rivervale event didn’t leave all the unexplainable weirdness in that alternate dimension, and for the first time, it seems Riverdale is actually going all-in on an actual supernatural twist rather than just flirting with the idea. At this point, nobody knows what could possibly be coming next, but the Riverdale Season 6, Episode 7 promo *does* reveal a past character will make a grand return.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for Riverdale Season 6, Episode 6, “Unbelievable.” We may not be in Rivervale anymore, but weird stuff is definitely going on in Riverdale. After the bomb exploded in Archie’s room, everything feels very different. Jughead has almost completely lost his hearing, Cheryl is possessed by the spirit of her witchy ancestor, and most surprising of all, Archie and Betty have suddenly gained superpowers — er, I mean “gifts.” (“We like to call them gifts, not superpowers,” showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa clarified to Entertainment Weekly.) Nomenclature aside, seeing Archie become indestructible and Betty develop an ability to literally see any potential threat is a whole new realm for Riverdale, and it looks like they’ll be putting their newfound powers to the ultimate test in Episode 7.

The teaser for Sunday, March 27’s, new episode shows Betty hunting down the still-at-large big bad TBK, and Archie actually squaring off against the serial murderer. But even with his super strength and invulnerability, Archie is shown passed out on the floor being dragged away before the end of the promo.

Outside of the superhero world, the teaser reveals Hiram Lodge’s funeral will bring back Veronica’s mom, Hermione. ICYMI, Marisol Nichols departed from Riverdale at the start of Season 5, but it just wouldn’t make sense for Veronica to go through Hiram’s funeral without her mom. What isn’t clear, though, is if Veronica has told Hermione that Hiram was murdered because of the hit she herself put on her dad.

The episode synopsis also confirms fans will also be seeing more of Jughead coming to terms with his hearing loss, while Britta starts to realize something is off about Cheryl.

Following the explosion at the Andrews residence, Archie assembles a team to help rebuild his home, while Jughead copes with his new reality. Meanwhile, at the Riverdale town hall meeting, Veronica makes an announcement to the town, which later prompts a visit from her mother Hermoine. At Thornhill, Britta tries to get to the bottom of some strange happenings going on with Cheryl and Nana Rose.

Riverdale Season 6, Episode 7 will air Sunday, March 27, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.