'Riverdale's Season 6, Episode 18 promo teases a return to Rivervale.

Riverdale's Spooky Parallel Universe Is Back In The New Promo

Oh, you thought we were done with Rivervale?

The CW

Riverdale’s sixth season kicked off with a totally bonkers five-episode event set in the supernatural parallel universe of Rivervale. At the time, it seemed like a given that this was a self-contained special event with no real bearing on the main show’s plot — after all, main characters were ritually sacrificed, and it all ended with Archie waking up from a strange dream. However, the cast and crew teased that Rivervale was somehow connected to the rest of the season, and now it’s all finally coming together. The Riverdale Season 6, Episode 18 promo rips the door open to Rivervale at long last, and all hell is about to break loose.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Riverdale Season 6, Episode 17. There have been some tiny hints that Rivervale would return throughout Season 6, up until the big reveal in the Episode 18 promo. Most notably, Toni has seemed to have brief flashbacks to Rivervale events as similar things would occur in the core universe, and then at the end of Episode 16, Jughead started hearing voices from the Rivervale universe after losing control of his powers. The final moments of that episode basically confirmed Rivervale’s return, as the “D” in the closing title card quickly flashed to become a “V” before the end credits rolled.

And now, the monsters of Rivervale are arriving in Riverdale. The Episode 18 teaser shows Jughead coming face to face with La Llorona, the vengeful spirit who attacked Rivervale in the event’s second episode. As a refresher, that story ended with Toni becoming the new La Llorona in order to save her baby’s life, so the spirit’s reappearance may suggest Baby Anthony is in danger again.

The reemergence of Rivervale at this particular moment is also some major fuel for the prominent fan theory that Percival is from Rivervale. After all, the parallel universe is returning only after Percival literally opened the door to it in Jughead’s mind, and it’s already been established that there’s no record of Percival existing prior to the explosion in Archie’s room busting open a portal to Rivervale.

The rest of the Episode 18 trailer reveals another supernatural attack on the town, as the 10 biblical plagues descend on Riverdale. The episode’s summary is brief:

As the gang plan an event celebrating two of their own, strange biblical plaques around town threaten to put a damper on the special day.

The two people everyone will be celebrating are no doubt Toni and Fangs, who have been preparing for their big wedding. Given La Llorona’s connection to Toni, it doesn’t look like her wedding day is going to go off without a hitch.

Get ready for all hell to break loose when Riverdale Season 6, Episode 18 airs on Sunday, June 26, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.