Heather is revealed to be a witch in 'Riverdale's Season 6, Episode 5 promo.

Riverdale's New Promo Has A Witchy CAOS Connection

It's time for some chaos.

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Something witchy this way comes... again. Sabrina Spellman already made her brief pit stop in Riverdale, but Season 6’s latest teaser reveals a new witch is coming to town, and it looks like she’ll be casting spells much longer than her fellow Greendale native. After a dramatic arrival at the end of Episode 14, Riverdale’s Season 6, Episode 15 promo confirms Heather is indeed a witch, and she’s about to make Cheryl’s life all the more enchanting.

Caroline Day was confirmed to play Heather on May 2, just days before her first appearance. After being teased for the past few episodes (long after her first mention all the way back in Season 2), Cheryl’s kinda-ex Heather finally made her Riverdale debut at the very end of Episode 14. Though fans haven’t seen much of her yet, the teaser for Episode 15 makes it clear that she’s going to be a force to be reckoned with, and could even wind up being the key to taking down Percival Pickens once and for all. The clip shows Heather telling Cheryl, “I’m a witch,” something that was already implied given she’s from Greendale, where Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was set. Of course, Cheryl is no stranger to witchcraft herself, and she recently got a superpowered upgrade after discovering she’s pyrokinetic. So, it definitely looks like Cheryl and Heather’s reconnection after years apart won’t just be romantic, but dangerously powerful as well.

Heather has been mentioned a few times throughout the seasons, but much more so in recent episodes as Cheryl began reminiscing more about her junior high bestie and first crush, whom she’d drifted apart from due to her mother’s disapproval. Heather being a witch seems to be setting the stage for a much larger focus on magic in the final Season 6 episodes, since fans know Sabrina will be returning soon before the season ends.

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Elsewhere in the teaser, Betty seemingly senses an evil aura in her niece and nephew, Juniper and Dagwood, Veronica and Jughead put on a magic show, and Archie’s Percival-pilled uncle, Frank, punches his nephew in the face. The episode’s synopsis breaks down all the chaos:

After failing to get Pop’s declared a historical landmark, Tabitha enlists Archie’s help saving the diner from Percival. Betty opens up to Agent Drake about her ability to see people’s evil auras. Meanwhile, after Reggie and the shareholders [start a battle with] Veronica, she turns to Jughead for help maintaining control of the Babylonium. Finally, Cheryl reconnects with her childhood crush Heather, and Toni and Fangs continue their fight for custody of Baby Anthony.

The witchy ways begin when Riverdale Season 6, Episode 15 premieres on Sunday, May 22 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.