Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper and Mӓdchen Amick as Alice Cooper

This Riverdale Promo Teases The Aftermath Of *That* Character Death

Poor Betty.

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The Coopers haven’t had it easy on The CW’s Riverdale. From murderous family members to that whole cult situation, it’s amazing Betty has managed to keep it somewhat together this long. While life was never exactly smooth sailing for the ponytailed blonde, the worst thing she used to have to deal with was Archie not liking her. My, how things have changed from Season 1. If you saw Season 5, Episode 17, you know what I mean. And now, the Riverdale Season 5, Episode 18 promo shows the aftermath of that heartbreaking death, and it’s not exactly healthy-looking...

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Riverdale Season 5, Episode 17, “Dance of Death.” In case you forgot, the seven-year time jump that took place at the start of Season 5 wasn't exactly great for all of the characters. While Jughead became an acclaimed novelist and Veronica made a name for herself in New York, the Cooper family severely struggled.

Polly, who stayed in Riverdale while many of the other characters left town, started hanging out with the Ghoulies and helped them sell drugs — instead of working at a club like she said she was — in order to help support her twins and her mom. In Season 5, Episode 5, Betty realized what Polly was doing and confronted her, which majorly upset Polly. Pissed, Polly stormed off and disappeared.

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When Betty tried to call her sister to apologize, Polly’s phone went straight to voicemail. Fans last saw Polly running from a giant truck on the Loney Highway. Now, viewers officially know the fate of the eldest Cooper sis, and it’s very morbid.

During Episode 17, Bughead got back together (platonically!) to solve the Lonely Highway murders. And not only did the exes learn the killers are related to Betty (because of course they are), but also, a recently discovered dead body had everyone thinking Polly was dead. And even though the body was later revealed to be a friend of Tabitha’s, Betty finally did learn where Polly was: dead, in the trunk of a car. And from the look of the Season 5, Episode 18 promo, Betty’s mom, Alice, isn’t handling the news well.

What’s that? Alice blaming Betty for everything? Sounds pretty standard. The promo shows Betty’s mom saying Betty is the reason Polly’s dead, which is way harsh. I miss the days when they’d just fight about whether or not Betty should be on the River Vixens.

Here’s hoping Betty — and the Cooper family — can catch a break, or at least get some good therapy when new episodes of Riverdale air Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.