5 Burning Questions We Have After That Explosive 'Riverdale' Finale


Well, gang, "Riverdale" wrapped up its first season last night, and although we've pretty much solved Jason Blossom's murder, now we just have a ton of new questions to ponder until we go crazier than Betty in a black wig.

SPOILER ALERT: Obviously, don't read on until you've watched the "Riverdale" Season 1 finale.

Between the sex, arson, suicide attempt and gunshot in that thrilling finale, I have a lot of questions that I'm going to need this show to answer when it comes back for Season 2!

1. Who is Betty's brother?


The Cooper family tree is officially reaching Kardashian levels of insanity.

First, we find out the Coopers and the Blossoms are actually one family (their great-grandparents were brothers, I think?), and in the finale, Mrs. Cooper drops the bombshell Betty has a biological brother out there who was given up for adoption.

This seems like the biggest plot set-up for the second season, which I'm guessing will include a story about Betty using her investigative skills to try to track her big bro down, or maybe we'll get a shocking reveal someone we know is a Cooper.

Betty theorizes her brother would be in his mid-20s now, which is a bit older than our main cast, so we probably haven't met him yet. Or have we!?

2. Will Archie's dad survive?


The major cliffhanger for the season is Archie's dad getting shot. Out of nowhere in the last minute of the finale, a robber runs into Pop's diner and shoots Fred Andrews in the stomach. The last thing we see before the season ends is Archie trying to help his dad as he bleeds out on the floor.

So is this the end for Mr. Andrews!?

Luke Perry's IMDb page does say he will at least be in the first episode of Season 2, but for all we know that could be either his funeral or his recovery. If Archie's dad does die, does that mean he'll have to leave Riverdale to live with his mom? Obviously that couldn't happen, right!?

3. How will Hiram Lodge shake things up?


Veronica's money-laundering father, Hiram, has managed to be a major player in the town of Riverdale -- despite being in prison throughout the first season. Now, he's about to come home to his family and undoubtedly cause a real stir in Riverdale.

Hiram's biggest business rival, Cliff Blossom, is now dead, so it looks like the tension is going to be mostly between Hiram and Fred Andrews, if he survives his gunshot wound, of course. As a reminder, Hiram hired the Southside Serpents to sabotage Fred's construction site, and now he's trying to buy Fred out of his development deal with Hermione Lodge.

Given their already contentious history, I have to wonder whether Hiram was actually behind Fred's shooting too. Hmmm....

4. What's going on with Cheryl?


After discovering the real Blossom family business is drug smuggling and witnessing her father hanging himself, we see a totally new Cheryl Blossom in the finale. It turns out, all the turmoil in her family has made her suicidal, and she attempts to drown herself in the frozen-over river that Jason died in.

Thankfully, Archie is able to save her, but that doesn't stop Cheryl's newfound destructive tendencies. Now disgusted by the Blossom family, Cheryl sets fire to her Thorn Hill mansion, telling her mother it's how they will start over.

So what is Cheryl going to be like when we come back for Season 2? Are the Blossoms going to be homeless?

5. Will Jughead join the Serpents?


FP's conviction in connection with Jason's murder has caused a major divide between Jughead and his friends. In the finale, we see that he is now going to a new school populated largely by members of his father's gang, the Southside Serpents.

At the end of the episode, the Serpents tell Jughead they'll look out for him while his dad is in jail, and Betty worriedly looks on as Jughead puts on a Serpents jacket.

It feels like Jughead just keeps drifting further and further away from Archie, Veronica, and Betty, and if he joins the Serpents that will definitely continue. How long can his relationship with Betty last after that?