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Rihanna Wants 1 Of Harry Styles' Exes To Play Her In A Movie

The ultimate compliment.

Could we be getting a Rihanna biopic before the singer’s ninth album? Rihanna’s already got an idea for the cast. At the Fenty Hair launch in Los Angeles on June 10, Rihanna shared her pick for who would portray her best in a movie: Taylor Russell.

Russell, an actor who’s been in films like Bones and All, Waves, and The Heart Still Hums, most recently made headlines when she dated Harry Styles for about a year, starting in June 2023. Breakup rumors started back in May, but that hasn’t changed Russell’s it-girl status. On May 6, she attended the Met Gala solo... and was easily one of the night’s best dressed.

It’s no wonder Rihanna chose her for the role. On the red carpet, she answered the biopic casting question instantly. “Taylor Russell,” she told E!. “Because she's got a nice forehead and she's fly and I feel like I want to be her, so I want her to pretend to be me.”

Rihanna seemed confident that Russell could capture her energy on-screen. “I want people to see me in that light,” she added. “Just gorgeous, she's stunning.”

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Rihanna also gave an album update, but it doesn’t sound too promising. Apparently, she’s “starting over” for R9. Still, it’s a more optimistic update than fans were expecting after the singer was spotted wearing an “I’m Retired” t-shirt in New York City on June 6.

“People got triggered with that retired word,” she told Entertainment Tonight at the Fenty Hair launch. “They were like, ‘We’re never getting an album now.’ No one read the other line, it was something about, ‘This is as dressed up as I get.’”

Let it be known: She was *not* using the shirt to give any R9 hints. “I think that music, for me, is a new discovery,” Rihanna continued. “I’m rediscovering things. I have been working on the album for so long that I kinda put all that stuff aside and now I’m prepared to go back in the studio. I’m gonna start — give me a second!”

“Yeah, I’m starting over,” she added. “But I don’t want to neglect the songs that I have, so I actually want to go back and listen to stuff with new ears, with my new perspective and then see what applies and what I’m still in love with.”