Rihanna Helped A Fan Come Out, And Her Words Are So Inspirational

by Taylor Ortega

Sure, we didn't need another reason to love Rihanna, but she warwarwarwarwarwar'ked to give us one anyway. (I'm sorry. It's done. I want to delete it. We all want me to delete it, but it's done.)

A proud member of #RihannaNavy shared screenshots with BuzzFeed of DMs between him and the pop star in which RiRi had a heart-to-heart with her fan about his sexuality.

He shared his fears candidly with one of the biggest stars in the world, and she casually reassured him “the best sh*t ever is freedom and peace within yourself!”

Head over to BuzzFeed for the full conversation, but beware, you will either end up choking on jealousy over their friendship or desperately reaching out to Rihanna to help you work through all of life's major turning points. There is no in between.

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