Taylor Jenkins Reid shared the original 'Daisy Jones & The Six' ending that was cut from the book.

Daisy Jones & The Six's Author Just Shared The Book's Original Ending That Got Cut

Kinda wish the show would've included this.

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Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne may have sung their final song both on the page and on screen, but there’s still a bit more to the story that fans never knew. Shortly after the finale of Prime Video’s Daisy Jones & The Six adaptation aired on March 24, the book’s author Taylor Jenkins Reid posted a new tidbit that sent BookTok into a spiral. Now, fans can read the original Daisy Jones & The Six ending that was cut from the book, and it adds a whole new layer of tenderness to the story’s most important relationship.

Spoiler alert: This post discusses the final moments of Daisy Jones & The Six. Though the TV series made a lot of big changes from the book, the show kept the ending pretty much the same. In the present-day, it’s revealed Camila had died after being diagnosed with lupus, but before she passed, she asked her daughter Julia to encourage Billy and Daisy to reunite and start working on music together again. In both the book and show, Camila never spoke to Daisy again after the Chicago Stadium concert (although their final convo is very different on page and on screen), but that wasn’t always going to be the case. Reid revealed that she originally wanted the story to end with an email exchange between Camila and Daisy shortly before Camila’s death.

“It’s from the original draft of Daisy Jones & The Six that was sent to my publisher, which had an ending that’s very, very similar to the one you know now, but it just had a little bit more information,” Reid said in a March 25 Instagram video. “My editor and I decided that we didn’t need all that, so we took it out.” She went on to share that this ending was meant to bring together two people who “represent the beating heart of this story,” referring to Daisy and Camila.

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Reid shared the two pages that would have concluded the novel. The first is an email from Camila to Daisy, in which she thanks Daisy for participating in Julia’s interviews and encouraged her to recount the whole truth about her past with Billy, as well as the fateful conversation the two women had in the Chicago hotel that led to Daisy quitting the band.

The second email is Daisy’s response, in which the singer heartily agrees to be completely honest with Julia. You can read the pages for yourself in Reid’s Instagram carousel:

While the emails ultimately didn’t make it into the book, they still serve as validation that Daisy and Camila’s complicated relationship was the most important aspect of the Daisy Jones & The Six story. And now book lovers have the pages to prove it.