Raven & Kristina’s ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Fight Gets Ugly: “How Are You My Friend?”

by Billy Lorusso

OK, by now you know if there is one thing you can expect on Bachelor in Paradise, it's drama. Usually, the drama is between the couples on the show, but, every so often, it's between friends/competitors. This time around, it looks like Raven and Kristina are the ones in the middle of the tension. That's right, Raven and Kristina's fight on Bachelor in Paradise over D-Lo's role in the Dean/Kristina/D-Lo love triangle got seriously ugly and left us all distraught and with our jaws dropped.

Earlier in the episode, before the argument, Kristina sat down with Dean to discuss their relationship. Of course, Dean, being the jerk that he is, ended things with Kristina in order to pursue things with Danielle. After Kristina walked away from Dean, she met up with Raven and discussed the situation, blaming Dean and D-Lo for their parts in the love triangle, and for hooking up pretty much right in front of her the week before. Raven stood up for D-Lo, though, saying it was more Dean's fault for lying to both of the girls and continuing to see them both separately, and that's when their conversation turned into a full blown argument.

As usual, Twitter was all over the BiP drama, and even started tweeting about whose side they were on/how upsetting their fight was.

The argument was pretty bad, and Kristina, at one point, even shouted "How are you my friend?" at Raven as she was walking away.

Some people sided with Raven, and others (the majority) sided with Kristina, but one thing is for sure: Everybody was heartbroken to see them fighting. Sadly, Kristina decided to leave paradise during the rose ceremony, so the two bachelorettes didn't get a chance to patch things up, but there's always the reunion special, I guess. Until then, we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed for a Kristina season of The Bachelorette.