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Quartney Mixon in 'The Bachelorette' Season 17.

This New Bachelorette Contestant Could Be Perfect For Katie

This guy is a big fan of strong women.

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Season 17 Bachelorette Katie Thurston has made it clear she’s ready to commit to a caring man who knows what he wants in life. And when it comes to a guy’s ability to be a great partner, having strong role models can make all the difference. That’s certainly the case for The Bachelorette’s Quartney Mixon, whose passion and love for his family could end up taking him far on Katie’s season.

In 2019, the 26-year-old Dallas native and self-proclaimed “biology nerd” received a degree in molecular biology from Stephen F. Austin University. Barely two years after college, he’s already turned his passions for science and wellness into a fruitful business: Quartney owns Iron Muscle Nutrition, a supplement company that’s racked up over 34,000 followers on Instagram.

While Quartney’s Insta presence makes it clear he has plenty of close friends and family members supporting him in his dreams, his biggest inspiration appears to be his late mother, who passed away in 2019. "All the thanks and glory goes to God and my mom. Making her proud has been my motto and I'm feeling good about what the future holds for me. Her phrase was 'Do Great' and I'm expecting nothing less," Quartney wrote in an August 2020 Facebook post. In May 2021, he took to Instagram to share a sweet throwback photo from his college graduation, in which his graduation cap read: “R.I.P. Mom. May I make you proud!”

Strong women clearly played super formative roles in Quartney’s upbringing, so it’s no surprise he’s interested in a strong, confident woman like Katie. And according to his Bachelorette bio, he’s “not afraid to make a spectacle” when it comes to declarations of love. Whether that will manifest in a gimmick entrance or Quartney confronting one of the other guys over his feelings for Katie remains to be seen, but be on the lookout a big Quartney moment this season. He’s also a devout Christian whose faith is of the utmost importance to him, so he and Katie will have to make sure they’re on the same page there if they want to avoid another Tayshia and Ivan-style breakup.

Overall, Quartney hopes to find a woman who will stand by his side, create a legacy, and “build an empire” together. And that woman might just be Katie.

Season 17 of The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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