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Princess Beatrice Is Pregnant With Her First Baby, But Will They Get A Royal Title?

It's... complicated.

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Cue the pastel confetti because there’s a new royal baby on the way. Buckingham Palace announced on May 19 that Princess Beatrice is pregnant with her first baby. The 32-year-old royal and her husband, British real estate mogul Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, are expecting the little one in fall 2021, which gives you plenty of time to ponder the big questions, like, will the new baby get a royal title?

If you’re a royal family stan, that particular question might keep you up at night. But unfortunately, the question of whether or not Princess Beatrice’s baby receives a royal title doesn’t have a black and white answer. These are the facts: Beatrice is the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York; she’s also the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, which is why she gets the posh AF princess title. But great-grandchildren don’t typically reap the title-related benefits of their royal lineage, reports Cosmopolitan.

This fact is a major bummer, but not necessarily super shocking. In Feburary 2021, Princess Eugenie (who is also the granddaughter of the Queen) had her first child, a baby boy; he didn’t get a title, either. At the time, experts for royalist magazine Hello! said the baby wouldn’t have a title or use the Royal Highness style because those handles are passed through the male line — and Eugenie’s husband doesn’t have a title.

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There is an exception to this rule, though. In the case that Elizabeth went out of her way to give Eugenie’s husband a title of his own or decided to change the title-inheritance rules by filing a document called a Letters Patent, then Princess Eugenie’s baby could have gotten a title, reports Hello!. But, alas, the Queen didn’t do any of that.

Title or no title, the entire royal fam is excited about Beatrice and Mapelli Mozzi’s announcement. “The Queen has been informed and both families are delighted with the news,” the Palace said in an official statement, which also revealed the couple is “very pleased” about becoming parents.

Over this last year, Beatrice already had some parenting practice. She’s already the aunt of 4-month-old August (Eugenie’s baby) and the stepmother of Mapelli Mozzi’s son — so I have no doubt the Princess will kill the motherhood game!