'Pretty Little Liars' May Have Confirmed This Insanely Popular Theory About Spencer


TV fans are seriously getting good at creating fan theories that accurately predict the plot of their favorite TV shows.

And the Pretty Little Liars fanbase might just be the best yet.

Earlier this month, we learned the popular fan theory that said Alison is carrying Emily's baby was true. She is. AD — whoever that is (more on this in a bit) — stole Emily's eggs from a donation bank and used them to impregnate Alison.

We also learned in that episode that Mary Drake was the one who killed Jessica DiLaurentis, her twin sister.


Literally, what is this show?!

Anyway, another, even more popular, fan theory says AD is actually Spencer's twin. Last night's episode, “In the Eye Abides the Heart,” has left fans thinking this theory will hold up.

Don't forget we now have a Spencer origins story that revealed she is the biological daughter of Mary Drake and the adopted daughter of Veronica Hastings.


The fan theory basically says that Mary Drake got pregnant with twins, and not just Spencer, when she disguised herself as her twin Jessica and had sex with Peter Hastings as payback for their affair. But only Spencer was adopted by Veronica Hastings.

Her twin was left out of the comfortable life Veronica provided Spencer, so that's definitely motive to want to ruin everyone's lives as AD. Fans have been saying the twins are fraternal, which makes Bethany Young and Wren possible ADs.

But now, fans are thinking the twins were identical because of a weird scene in last night's episode.


Near the end of the episode, there was a scene where Ezra bumped into Spencer at the Philadelphia Airport while he was on his way to visit Nicole.

This was a red flag for viewers because Spencer had a scene right before this one where she was fighting with Detective Furey in the Lost Woods. The argument is that Spencer wouldn't have had enough time to get to the airport, buy a ticket, and go through security in order to run into Ezra just by chance.


We know "Spencer" was already past security in the airport because you can clearly see a gate number behind her while she's talking to Ezra.

This is leading fans to believe that it's actually the other half of Twincer. Her outfit is also a giveaway, according to fans.

In the scene in the woods, Spencer is wearing a white trench coat with a black top underneath. In the scene directly after it, the coat is nowhere to be found.



Some proof may be found in a statement Tyler Blackburn (who plays Caleb) gave to US Weekly in April. When asked about the identity of AD, he said,

You've never met them… You kind of have. When you see it, you'll understand what I'm saying.

Fans are thinking this cryptic quote is in reference to the dream Hanna had in the Season 7 premiere.

In the dream (if it, in fact, was one), Spencer visits Hanna while she's being held hostage by AD and tries to comfort her. Without Hanna ever saying "AD" in the dream, dream Spencer talks about AD. This has people thinking Hanna wasn't actually dreaming, and AD is Spencer's twin who is just convincing Hanna that she is asleep in order to get information.

That would explain Blackburn's comment saying we've "kind of" met AD already.

So, there you have it, people. Spencer probably has an identical twin, and that twin is probably AD.

The Pretty Little Liars series finale is set to air in June.

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