This 'Pretty Little Liars' Couple Hooked Up Again And Fans Are Screaming

Freeform/Ron Tom

Pretty Little Liars really went there with the sex scenes on this week's episode.

Last week, executive producer I. Marlene King tweeted that there would be "HBO level sex" in the final episode of the series.

And, sure enough, this week's episode was full of sex. As in, there was a full-on montage of sex scenes near the middle of the episode.

The liars had been given an ultimatum by the police and by A.D. The newly returned Detective Tanner was gathering evidence on them for the murder of Archer Dunhill (who they did, by the way, actually kill).

Meanwhile, A.D. told the liars they would have 24 hours for one of them to turn themselves into the police. If no one did, A.D. said, they would all end up in trouble.

So to honor what possibly would be their last night of freedom, the liars got it on.

Emily and Alison hooked up at the kissing rock. Aria and Ezra hooked up on their couch. Hanna and Caleb, who got engaged in last week's episode, GOT FREAKING MARRIED. (In a move totally pulled from Gossip Girl, they got married in part so that they wouldn't have to testify against each other should they end up in court.)

It was, I mean, honestly, just like a lot of making out.

So we got Ezria, Haleb, and Emison represented... but what was Spencer up to?

Well, Spencer went and visited Toby at his cabin, where he was recovering from the grief of the death of his fiancée after a car accident.

Yup, like the start of all great romances, Spencer invaded Toby's grief cabin.

They said some semi-romantic words, mentioned their last kiss, and then -- gasp -- hooked up. Like, all the way hooked up.

The fandom was hyped. The feelings were felt.

People weren't just happy for Spoby, of course. They were happy for all #endgAme (fingers crossed) couples getting it on.

But we don't know what this actually means for Spencer and Toby as a couple. It could very well just have been one comfort bone. And it could very well just have been an evil Spencer twin.

Honestly with this show, could be anything.