Lin-Manuel Miranda Does An Epic Freestyle For Obama On The Spot

We all already know President Obama is the coolest president ever. That's just a fact. Old news, really.

So when he gets together with Lin-Manuel Miranda -- aka the genius creator and star of Broadway's "Hamilton," aka the guy who combined hip-hop with the Founding Fathers -- well, that's when things get SUPER, MEGA AWESOME-COOL.

On Monday, the "Hamilton" cast hung out in the White House all day, performing songs and hosting workshops for students and the Obamas. At some point during the day, Lin-Manuel and the president took it out back — aka to the Rose Garden -- for some freestyle rapping.

Wait for it... #Bam4Hamhttps://t.co/vpwTuNf5zn — The White House (@WhiteHouse) March 15, 2016

The game was Obama held up cards with words like "Obamacare" and "Constitution,"  and Lin-Manuel had to work them into a rap.

Honestly, I get stressed out for Lin just watching this. I mean, freestyling in front of the PRESIDENT in the ROSE GARDEN? Plus, POTUS did not hold back — he flipped through those cards nearly as fast as Lin could read them.

But I shouldn't have worried because Lin crushed it, like always. And no, he didn't see the cards ahead of time. He really is that talented. (Everyone go see "Hamilton," OK? Seriously, just do it.)

The very best part of the video comes after Lin drops the mic and President Obama says,

You think that's going viral? That's going viral.

IF OBAMA WISHES IT, IT SHALL BE SO. This, my dear president, is indeed going viral.

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