The Cast Of 'Hamilton' Just Made A Dead White Guy And Hip-Hop Make Sense

by Anna Menta

Now I know what all you people watching the Grammys are saying: "Wait...there's a whole musical about the founding fathers? And they rap in it?"

The answer is YES, YES THERE IS AND IT'S INCREDIBLE. And it just won the Grammy for Best Musical Album.

The cast of Broadway's "Hamilton" performed at the Richard Rodgers Theater and streamed it live to the Grammy Awards tonight, and let me tell you, that sh*t was damn good.

They performed the show's opening number, "Alexander Hamilton," which describes Hamilton's life in the Caribbean and move to the American colonies just before the Revolutionary War. If you're thinking that sounds really boring, I hear you, but just listen and you will understand.

Creator, writer and star Lin-Manuel Miranda plays Hamilton himself and brought the life and soul of the entire performance. Side note, this live performance is a BIG DEAL because it's the first time many fans who live far away from Broadway have ever seen the cast perform.

Basically, get on the "Hamilton" train, people. You will care way more about America's founding fathers than you ever thought possible.

BONUS: Watch Miranda's awesome acceptance rap when they won Best Musical Album.