Here Are Some Very Real Reasons Pregnancy Sucks, According To Kim K

For many people, the miracle of childbirth is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Well, our girl Kim Kardashian West is not like many people.

On her website and mobile app, Kim recently shared a post titled "How I Really Feel About Being Pregnant" where she explained some of her top reasons why birth is gross AF.

Kim is expecting her second child in a few months and wants to be honest with us about her experience.

She powerfully stated,

Pregnancy is the worst experience of my life! LOL!

She also mentioned you can use her stories as good birth control if you'd like, probably because after hearing these reasons you may decide to choose abstinence. IDK.

Here are some of the reasons pregnancy just straight-up sucks, according to Kim Kardashian West:


1) The swelling

2) The backaches

3) How your body expands and nothing fits (it's a mindf*ck)

4) It feels like you're not in your own skin

5) You don't feel sexy

6) You feel insecure

7) You feel gross

8) You basically are wearing a diaper for two months afterward (that's not sexy)

Do not worry, she plans to update us with more reasons pregnancy is gross as her due date approaches. BE SURE TO STAY TUNED.

And thank you, Kim, for making this a learning opportunity for all of us. Love you bb.