Which Pop Culture Witch Are You Most Like?

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As Halloweekend creeps closer and closer, I know you're all looking for a way to procrastinate getting a costume together for that party you said you'd go to on Facebook.

And what better way to procrastinate than take a personality quiz telling you what pop culture witch you identify with the most?

(But seriously, you only have a few days left for that costume thing, so you should probably get on it. Come back to this quiz after you've picked out your overpriced mask at Party City, OK?)

Look, everyone wants to be a witch.

It doesn't matter what gender or how old you are. Everyone wants to be as cool as the badass powerful ladies who get to wear fishnet stockings and put a curse on anyone who wrongs them.

I 100 percent blame the witch movies and TV shows I watch for my obsession with witches. They're just all so cool.

When I was a kid, it was all about Sabrina Spellman's relatable and witty spell work. Then Hermione Granger made academic witchcraft cool. Now, I just want be as edgy as Emma Roberts casting magic in black choker necklace.

But sadly, we cannot be all these witches at once. Inside of us all is one witch for who we truly are, and all you need to do to meet her is take this handy quiz.

So get to it!

So, did everyone get the witch they wanted? If you didn't, can you at least kind of see it? If you can't kind of see it, can you consider the possibility that maybe you don't really know yourself at all?

JUST KIDDING, please don't have some sort of identity crisis because of my silly, six-question quiz, people.

And in case you all were wondering, I'm a total Sabrina, with a touch of Hermione. Nailed it.