8 Holiday Gifts For The Pop Culture Junkie In Your…

by Megan Mann

'Tis the season, folks.

You know, the season where you look around at the people in your life and wonder, “What the hell am I going to get you for the holidays?”

It’s an issue that we all face at some point, and it’s easier when there are plenty of guides floating around the World Wide Web to help you.

There’s the list for your boyfriend, your best friend, your mom and your coworker.

But what about for the pop culture friend in your life?

The person who watches so much TV, that it seems unreasonable, goes to the movies frequently, listens to all sorts of music and just happens to read a lot of books?

You know, people like me!

Where is the list for us? I haven’t seen one and I get an annoying amount of emails per day.

Fear not! I’m here to be that guide for you.

For The Book Lover

OutOfPrintClothing.com is a magical place full of all sorts of literary gems.

They have socks with "Le Petit Prince" on them! They have "The Sun Also Rises" t-shirts and "Pride and Prejudice" sweatshirts! (Although they lack any other Jane Austen titles in their inventory. Rude.)

They have Vonnegut totes and a pretty fancy collection of some really good banned books. There’s Fitzgerald and Poe and Hunter S. Thompson clothing just waiting to be loved.

Or, you know, if that’s too hard, I guess a gift card to a bookstore works, too.

For The Pop Culture Obsessed Tea/Coffee Lover

If the pop culture people in your life are always chugging back their daily caffeine to get through both the work day and all of their entertainment, they’re going to need something fun to store their delicious beverage in.

I recommend heading over to Society6.com for all your pop culture caffeine needs.

They have mugs ranging from “Treat Yo'self!” from "Parks and Recreation" to "Harry Potter," David Bowie and "Star Wars," Bill Murray and "Bob’s Burgers."

Also, there are a lot of dogs and cats. There’s no shortage of really great mugs here.

Adagio Tea also has a section specifically for fandom teas.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to know what Sailor Moon or Sam from "Supernatural" tastes like, your prayers have been answered.

For The One Direction Fan

Now, as one would guess from any sort of interaction with me, I myself am a massive fan of One Direction.

Their fans will be feeling a gaping hole this holiday season as it marks a time when tickets for next summer will not be on sale and a hiatus is looming ever closer.

To quell this deep seeded sadness, I recommend the evolution of Harry Styles’, well, style in any of the mugs off of society6.com, but if that’s not your speed, I suggest perusing the One Direction tag on Etsy.com for some very interesting merchandise.

There are sweatshirts with precisely placed tattoos mirroring Harry’s body, “We took a chonce” necklaces, laptop decals, (inexplicably and for the mega obsessed) prayer candles featuring their angelic faces, an assortment of pillows and so much more.

For The "Star Wars" Fan

Okay, this one is really easy.

All you have to do is walk into literally any store (Target, Walmart, Toys R’ Us, Gamestop, Best Buy, FYE, etc) and ask to be directed to the "Star Wars" aisle. Boom, you have a million options and you barely even had to put in any work. It’s that easy this year.

For The Music Obsessed

There are plenty of great albums out right now (Adele), but if you’re short up for cash, give it a serious throwback and make a mix CD.

The time you put into it will be appreciated and the thought behind it is special. You went out of your way to pick the songs and make the mix just right.

Who wouldn’t love that?

If you’ve got a little bit more cash flow this year, take a look through Live Nation, Ticketmaster, your local venues or artist’s websites and see if one of their favorite are coming around anytime soon.

This is one of the easiest and best gifts a person in love with music can receive.

I mean, I know that if I got Avett Brothers tickets, I would be mega stoked.

It also gives you the option of going yourself or allowing the person to choose who they want to take. You’re giving them an experience.

It’s a win-win for everybody!

For The Theatre Nerd

Look, I love a good show, but tickets for shows can be pretty pricey even if you’re not seeing it in New York.

Opt instead for a soundtrack (try the cast recording for "Hamilton" on Amazon) or PlaybillStore.com for a variety of gifts for some of Broadway’s biggest hits from "The Book of Mormon" to "Phantom of the Opera."

There's also some of The Great White Way’s current bestsellers "Aladdin" and "Fun Home." They’ve got pajamas and posters and ornaments galore.

If they can’t get to the theatre to see the shows, this is the next best thing!

For The Movie Freak

You can always take the easy route and gift Netflix (gift cards for $30 or $60 are available at most stores), an Amazon Prime subscription ($100 for a year) or give movie theater gift cards, but if that’s not the route you’re interested in, I suggest going for the books.

"When I Stop Talking, You’ll Know I’m Dead: Useful Stories from a Persuasive Man" by the late Jerry Weintraub is one of the most interesting memoirs from one of Hollywood’s biggest legends.

A great number of books have been turned into movies this holiday season, so up their “I read the book, did you?” game and go for "Brooklyn" by Colm Tóibín, "The Revenant" by Michael Punke or "The Danish Girl" by David Ebershoff.

For The "Harry Potter" and "Game of Thrones" fan

Stores like Barnes & Noble and Target as well as Amazon have coloring books for both popular series.

While there are plenty of fantastic gifts for fans of either franchise, these coloring books have to be one of the coolest. And with the rise of adult coloring books this year, you’re hitting a double whammy with your fantasy-loving friend.

Whether you’re looking for someone who loves books, movies, music or Harry Styles on your list, there are plenty of options just waiting to be swooped up by you.

Whoever these gifts are on their way to, they’ll greatly appreciate the thought that went into them and the way you pay attention to their hobbies and interests.

So, shop on, my friends and fear not! You’re going to be okay and they’ll love your gift! And if these options make you nervous, by all means, just get a gift card.