There's A Huge Debate Over This Photo Of Leonardo DiCaprio And His Mom

Getty Images

Leonardo DiCaprio's mom's armpit hair is dividing the Internet today.

At a certain point, society as a whole has to get together to hash out how it feels about armpit hair. Do we all hate it? Do we love it? Is shaving necessary or just like a nice thing you do on the Fourth of July or your spouse's birthday?

I mean, obviously it's a woman's decision to do what she wants with her pits. In fact, society needs to tell half of society *cough* men *cough* a tidy armpit is not mandatory for all women.

Maybe this post of Leo Di's mom showin' off a pit full of hair will be the conduit to that discussion.


I'm going to regret saying this. Hey, Facebook comment section of this picture! What do you have to say about Leo's mom's armpits?!


Actually, you know what? Everyone is being pretty decent about this.


The Internet has spoken! Her pits, her choice!


You heard it, men! Take your homegrown chinchilla farms and get them away from a woman's right to not shave her armpits!

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