We Investigated Peter's Tattoos From 'The Bachelorette' & Here's What We Found

by Becky Wandel

It's officially crunch time for Rachel Lindsay. After a week of hometown dates, the 31-year-old Bachelorette has narrowed her field of potential fiancés down to three finalists, and only one of them has tattoos: the darling of Bachelor Nation, Peter Kraus.


Bryan may appear to have a slight lead in the battle for Rachel's heart after his PDA-packed hometown visit, but if anyone is capable of pulling ahead in “crunch” time, it's Peter, the ab-master and fitness entrepreneur himself. (Get it? Crunches?)

It's really no wonder why he's the fan favorite.

But back to his tattoos. We can't be sure how big of a factor inked-ness versus non-inked-ness is going to be in Rachel's final rose ceremony, but in the likely event Peter either wins or becomes the next Bachelor, it's worth getting to know what his tats are all about.

The Ironman Symbol


On the website for Peter's personal training company, he lists "three-time Ironman finisher" among his “most prized achievements.” In 2014, He finished 427th in a field of 2,826 triathletes. I am impressed!

Naturally, he has commemorated his Ironman accomplishments with a triathlon-themed rib tattoo that features the Ironman logo, at least one biking man and probably a swimming and running man as well. Peter, give us better pictures of your tats!

A Buck With Some Leaves

His most unique and understated piece is a buck on his left pec muscle. This tat may be the one Peter holds closest to his heart too, considering it is placed, you know, right above his heart.

So what does it mean?

A sweep of online sources is telling me that for the most part bucks are a symbol of grace and nobility -- very perfect for the graceful and noble Peter. However, it is also worth nothing Peter is a proud son of Wisconsin, and presumably a fan of the Milwaukee Bucks, so… it could be that.

And as for the laurel leaves, they pretty universally represent triumph and achievement which, again, could be about the Ironman champ or his favorite basketball team.

A Bicep Cross

Peter sports a rather large cross on his right bicep with a banner that says "Into Your Hands," which is surely a nod to his Christian faith. This could really help him win over Rachel, a woman of strong faith herself.

Also, a quick message for Peter: Please do some kind of HQ shirtless photoshoot soon. The good people of Bachelor Nation should not have to dig as hard as I had to dig to find out what the first word of that banner said. You're a model -- I know you can do it!

Celtic Knot


Peter's left shoulder tat -- which he describes as a “family knot” -- is some pretty standard Celtic ink. The circular design is surrounded by some lettering that probably says something, but honestly, your guess is as good as mine as to what it might mean.

The shirtless HQ photoshoot might really help here. What do those circular letter spell? I'm gonna go with "I am so hot" until proven otherwise.

So, we still have to wait until August 7 for The Bachelorette season finale, but maybe that photoshoot will come sooner. If not, I vote for a shirtless Q&A/talkback on the July 31st tell-all special. Chris Harrison, I'm counting on you to make this happen.