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Did Peter Love Rachel On 'The Bachelorette'? He Finally Breaks His Silence

No hard feelings, right? Right. Peter Kraus may have gone home empty handed on Rachel's season of The Bachelorette, but he's still got love for the girl who sent him home. However, fans still have one question on their minds: Did Peter love Rachel on The Bachelorette? He broke his silence about Rachel in an exclusive interview with Life & Style, and it sounds like he's surviving life post-Bachelorette craziness just fine. Peter says that there's still love there, it's just not that kind of love. “I have love for her, for sure,” he told the mag. “She and I went through a lot. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

He explained that he's not “in love with her" “[but] I'll always have love for her, there's no doubt about that.”

That's the spirit! Way to take a page out of the classy ex-handbook.

But not every day has been sunshine and roses (sorry, sore subject?) since he left Switzerland on that fateful day he parted ways with Rachel for good. After the Final Rose proved to be quite the difficult experience. And a tearful one, at that.

Peter admitted he "was crying backstage before I came out." “I didn't want to go onstage. I almost walked off, but [producers] grabbed me and said, 'It'll be OK," he added. Aww. There, there, Petey.

Despite all that, the Wisconsin native seems to be taking these days in stride, even if Rachel has been living her best loved-up life with hubby-to-be Bryan Abasolo all over the internet. It can't be easy to see your former flame at pretty much every turn. Imagine if your ex's Instagram was re-posted all the time? Brutal.

“I'm no longer a part of it. I have no qualms with anything they want to do," he also revealed.

And there's always the small chance Peter could be the next Bachelor. While a producer's tweet ruled that out thanks to Peter's non-committal ways, members of #TeamPeter are still clinging to the hope that the personal trainer will surprise us. Even Chris Harrison recently defended him to People, saying the spot isn't "completely off the table."

In the meantime, Bachelor Nation can sleep soundly tonight knowing Peter isn't at all bitter or holding on to negative feelings towards Rachel.