Adam Devine will headline the new 'Pitch Perfect' TV series

Peacock Is Making A Pitch Perfect Show With A Star From The Movies

Acca-scuse me?!

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Listen up, Pitches! It may have been four years since the last Pitch Perfect film hit the big screen, but it’s time to start warming up those vocal cords, because the a cappella competitions are back on. The film franchise, which Comcast’s NBC Universal owns, is being spun off into a TV series for the company’s streaming service, Peacock. But there’s a twist. (Because when isn’t there a twist?) The news about Peacock’s Pitch Perfect reveals the main cast will feature someone fans of the Bellas def weren’t expecting.

The initial Pitch Perfect film, which debuted a decade ago in 2012, was based on the Mickey Rapkin book of the same name. The film starred Anna Kendrick as the rebellious freshman Beca Mitchell, who joins the struggling a capella group The Bellas at her new school, Barden University. Although there were two sequels that followed, they were spaced far enough apart that the trilogy wasn’t a four-year college story. Instead, Pitch Perfect 2 was set toward the end of the Bellas’ college careers, and Pitch Perfect 3, which landed in 2017, closed the story out with a post-graduation USO tour.

So, what could a Pitch Perfect TV series focus on? Strangely, it’s not coming full circle back to one of the original Bellas. Instead, the new series will pick up with a character fans haven’t seen since the second movie: Bumper Allen.

Here’s everything to know about the new series:

Peacock's Pitch Perfect Announcement

Peacock announced the new Pitch Perfect had been picked up as a straight-to-order series on Sept. 21, 2021. “Straight-to-order” in the TV world means the show is being greenlit for the entire season sight unseen; no pilot episode will be made as proof of concept first. That’s because the series comes from the same team that made the films, with Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman as executive producers, so their track record of success speaks for itself.

That’s usually a good sign for a show; it means the production company thinks the idea is so strong, it’s worth pursuing. It also means fans won’t have to wait for a pilot to be made and judged before knowing if the show is actually going to happen.

Peacock's Pitch Perfect Cast

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The big surprise for this Pitch Perfect series is that it’s not a story about the Bellas, or at least, as of this moment, none of the original women cast members are attached to star. Instead, the series will revolve around Bumper Allen (Adam Devine), the head of the Bellas’ rival singing group, The Treblemakers. Allen was the main antagonist in the initial Pitch Perfect film and appeared in the second one, though in a more supporting role. Because the third film was set post-college, with the Bellas on tour competing against all-new rivals, he wasn’t in the final movie.

At this time, Devine is the only original cast member to be listed as part of the new series. Fans will have to wait and see if any of the original Bellas will be joining him or not on his new journey.

Peacock's Pitch Perfect Plot

The other big surprise is that the Pitch Perfect TV series won’t return to Barden University or a new generation of Bellas, typical of these TV revivals. (Think the new Saved by the Bell, in which the old characters are now teaching a new group of students, or Gossip Girl, in which a new generation of students are contending with the return of a mystery character spilling all new secrets.)

According to the synopsis, the series will pick up as “Bumper Allen moves to Germany to revive his music career when one of his songs becomes big in Berlin.”

Peacock's Pitch Perfect Release Date

Peacock has not yet announced a release date, and the initial announcement did not say when filming was expected to begin. Fans will probably have to wait until at least mid-2022 before the new series starts singing its song.