What Your Favorite 'Parks and Rec' Character Says About You

by Candice Jalili
NBCUniversal Television Distribution

No show fills me with quite as much joy as “Parks and Recreation.” If you haven't seen it, stop what you are doing right now and cancel your plans for the next 72 hours, because you've got some Netflix binge-watching to do.

“Parks and Recreation” is one of those shows that connects with people on a deeply, deeply personal level.

At the height of my binge, someone once quoted a Ron Swanson line to me, and I was OFFENDED. Like, HOW did this person know Ron Swanson? Ron Swanson was MY friend — not his! Like, where the f*ck did this random guy meet my boy Ron?!

That's the thing about “Parks and Rec.” The beauty of the show is in the characters. The characters are so well-developed and so relatable in their own distinct ways that you can't help but fall in love with them and with the show as a whole.

It's not one of those “Girls”-type shows where you hate everyone. No, you actually like every character on “Parks and Rec.”

What's more is that all of us have one distinct character we connect with in particular. And I think your “Parks and Recreation” character speaks volumes about the type of person you are.

April Ludgate

April starts as the sassy intern. And while a lot happens during the course of the show, she never loses her signature sarcasm. But beneath that tough exterior, April is just a big ol' softie. She loves animals, and the early stages of her crush on Andy (who eventually becomes her husband) is nothing shy of adorable.

If you identify with April, you have an elevated sense of humor. You see the world from a quirky perspective that is completely your own and are able to find humor in situations that other people might find dark or unexciting. You may come off as cold or even cruel sometimes, but you actually have a fantastic heart, and the people who are lucky enough to break down your walls will have you in their lives and by their sides forever.

Ron Swanson

I f*cking love Ron Swanson. And have been told by multiple people I remind them of Ron Swanson. I personally see myself as more of a hybrid mix of Ron Swanson and Tom Haverford, but, hey, beggars can't be choosers, amiright?!

Ron is an old-fashioned man you can rely on. He is a devoutly honest stand-up guy who distrusts big government, appreciates his privacy, and LOVES red meat. Oh, he also cannot STAND change. That's a big one we share in common.

If you identify with Ron Swanson, you rock, because you're like me. OK, and you're also probably reliable. You will be there and be the same no matter what life throws your way. You are honest and unchanging.

Leslie Knope

Amy Poehler's genius character -- and the lead in the show -- is a hard-working optimist with a real will to change the world. Leslie is possibly one of the most passionate characters I have come across in both fiction and reality. She loves her friends, her family, and her constituents, and she loves them HARD.

If you identify with Leslie, you are a true optimist. But your optimism doesn't necessarily make you weak or naive. No, it actually makes you stronger and more unbreakable. You choose to surround with good people who support you in all of your big endeavors and, in turn, you are there for them through thick and thin. You are thoughtful and full of heart.

Andy Dwyer

Andy is, simply put, a doofus. He is a big, lovable adult-sized kid (no wonder why his kids' show ends up being a total HIT). He is loyal, full of energy and totally in love with his wife, April.

If you identify the most with Andy's trials and tribulations, you are an honest-to-goodness nice person with a child-like sense of wonder for the world. You look around and are AMAZED by the world around you. You appreciate the little things in life and let them genuinely fill your heart up with joy. (This is not to mention the joy and love you give your friends and family.)

Tom Haverford

Aziz Ansari's character, Tom Haverford, is a swaggy entrepreneur in the making. He also has a love for hip-hop and the finer things in life. Sure, not all of his entrepreneurial endeavors take off, but the point is that he NEVER gives up. And when he finally manages to get his wildly successful restaurant chain, it comes as a surprise to no one. Tom always had a vision that was bigger than the Parks and Rec department.

I told you guys, part of me really identifies with Tom. Tom is a whiny little bitch, just like me. He also loves to treat himself (with Donna) and, let me tell you, I LOVE to treat myself.

If you identify with Tom, you like all things swagged out and blinged out. You want the life of Rick Ross and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen for yourself.

Jerry Gergich

Jerry (or Larry or Gary) is the office loser. Remember when he had a fart heart attack? Yeah. He's lame and everyone hates him and he takes too long to do everything and he smells. BUT Jerry is actually a good guy with a hot wife and a heart of gold who eventually becomes mayor. (*Spoiler alert. But I honestly don't even feel bad; I WARNED you to start watching the show in the intro).

If you sympathize with Jerry, odds are you are the underdog. Or maybe you're just that person who is constantly rooting for the underdog. Either way, you have a soft spot in your heart for the dark horse in the race and are probably a genuinely nice human being.

Donna Meagle

Donna is sassy, classy and a little bit on the mysterious side. She is a total badass man-slayer until she meets the man of her dreams, a nice teacher who is the perfect yin to her fabulous yang.

If you identify with Donna, you are f*cking cool. Yes, Tom also enjoys the high life. But Tom is a little bitch. You are ice cold. You are not showy about the fabulous life you lead. Simply put, you just low-key kill it on a daily basis.

Ann Perkins

Ann is the Robin to Leslie's Batman. As Leslie will tell you in a heartbeat, Ann is a beautiful, smart, fantastic, loving goddess of a human being. Being best friend of Leslie Knope is not easy. The bar is high. But Ann lives up to her expectations beautifully. She matches Leslie's passion while still managing to calm her down when she gets overly excited.

If you identify with Ann the most, eccentric people are drawn toward you because of the naturally chill air you have about you. You don't get annoyed very easily and are extremely good at communicating and getting through to people.

Ben Wyatt

It takes a great man to be the husband of Leslie Knope, and Ben Wyatt is nothing short of a great man. Sure, Ben and Leslie got off on the wrong note. Ben was a math nerd who lived in a world of logic, and Leslie was an ideological people person who lived in the land of (seemingly) unrealistic dreams. But there is something in Ben's math nerd heart that believes in the greater good and identifies deeply with Leslie's cause.

If you identify with Ben the most, you are the quintessential “cool” nerd. Yeah, you love “Star Wars” and do math for a living, but you are also a smart, engaging and reliable person that people love.

Chris Traeger

Chris very well might be THE MOST POSITIVE man alive. LITERALLY.

Seriously, if you didn't watch the show, go on YouTube and watch a clip of Chris. He's positive and obsessed with both his mental and physical health. Honestly, that's it. Those are the only two things I can say about him.

I personally find Chris to be extremely annoying. But if he's your cup of tea, no judgment. DON'T WORRY; I don't think you're extremely annoying. Chris is a guy who just takes hold of his own life, and you probably are the same. You are in charge of your mind and your body, and you are going to make for damn certain that they are in tip-top shape.

Jean-Ralphio Saperstein

Lol, remember Jean-Ralphio? Tom's shady best friend with the psychopath sister played by Jenny Slate? I KNOW he's not one of the main characters, but he for sure deserves a spot on here. Jean-Ralphio was annoying, obnoxious, spoiled, lazy and, most importantly, hilarious.

If you identify with him, honestly, more power to you. Whether we like to admit it or not, there's a little Jean-Ralphio inside of all of us. And it's a baller move to admit it to yourself. I respect it.