'The Circle' Season 4 star Parker Abbott's Instagram has so many celebs.

Parker From The Circle Apparently Knows A Lot Of Celebs

Her first IG post is with Kylie Jenner.


Parker Abbott entered The Circle Season 4 with a plan. Convinced that the other players would write her off or look down on her if she presented her authentic party-girl persona, she went in the total opposite direction and pretended to be her straight-laced 56-year-old dad, Paul. It was definitely a bold strategy, but not one that Parker could always manage to pull off without other players getting suspicious. While Paul may have been a bit of a bore, Parker herself is clearly the life of any party. Here’s what The Circle fans should know about the real Parker Abbott, including her Instagram pic with an A-list celebrity.

Interestingly enough, Parker wasn’t the only Season 4 contestant to think up the play-as-a-parent strategy. John also went into the competition catfishing as his mother Carol because he too assumed his youthful energy wouldn’t serve him well in the game. Like John, Parker had a bit of trouble always being convincing as her own dad, even admitting she was unfamiliar with his actual job so she changed it to marriage therapist. And let’s not forget when she had to ask the other players what a memoir was.

Parker may have struggled to give off dad vibes in The Circle, but one place she clearly has no issues is Instagram.

The Circle’s Parker Abbott’s Real Job

As she said in her intro, Parker is a college student in Miami, Florida.

The Circle’s Parker Abbott’s Age

Parker was 21 when filming The Circle, but she’s now 22.

The Circle’s Parker Abbott’s Instagram

Parker’s Instagram is entirely ultra-glam selfies that show off her Kardashian-inspired makeup skills and very of-the-moment fashion sense. And speaking of the Kardashians, Parker actually has a connection to America’s royal celebrity family: Her very first Instagram photo is a shot of her posting next to Kylie Jenner. The post is from 2016, and appears to be from a meet-and-greet event. According to Bustle, her dad (the IRL Paul) is “actively involved” with The Caitlyn Jenner Foundation, so it’s possible that’s how the pic came about. Bustle also reported Parker recently attended a party with The Circle alums Mitchell, Ed, and Tammy Eason, as well as The Ultimatum’s Zay Wilson.