This Guy's Owen Wilson Impersonation Is Hilariously Accurate

YouTube Dylan Martinez/Reuters

Peter Gilroy's Owen Wilson is pretty spot-on.

The Wilson brothers have the rare distinction of being B-list Hollywood brothers. Usually, as is the case with celeb siblings, one or both of the sisters or brothers is at least an A-lister. Look at your Baldwins, your Olsens, your Hemsworths, your Gyllenhaals.

All of them have at least one A-list person on their family tree; the Wilsons are a clear exception to the rule. Owen and Luke are as aggressively B-list as they come.

This is an unofficial hierarchy of the Wilsons in Hollywood: 1. Wilson the volleyball from “Cast Away.” 2. Owen Wilson 3. Luke Wilson

Maybe pick someone more relevant next time, Pete.

That or learn an impression of Wilson the volleyball from "Cast Away."