‘Orange Is The New Black’ Fans Are Making The Same Joke About This Flaca Scene


Orange Is the New Black isn't always the easiest show to watch. Netflix's prison drama includes multiple graphic depictions of abuse, obscenities, and violence, but those aren't the scenes that are surprisingly causing most skincare enthusiasts to cringe about in the new season of the show.

One tiny scene in the newly released Season 5 of Orange Is the New Black is causing anybody who has an in-depth knowledge of skin care regimens to recoil, and it involves Litchfield's resident beauty bloggers Maritza and Flaca.

Check out the scene that is making beauty specialists upset below:


Now, if you're a skincare layperson like me, this little exchange just went by without you batting an eye. But apparently, it was a much bigger deal for the skincare enthusiasts on Reddit's SkincareAddiction thread.

A member of the subreddit posted the scene and commented Maritza is doing Flaca a favor. Turns out, it's a pretty well-known fact in the beauty community that apricot facial scrubs tend to be overly abrasive and can cause tears and enlarged pores on the skin.

SMH, you'd think that out of anybody in Litchfield, Maritza and Flaca would be the ones to be up on this stuff...

After members of the subreddit saw the scene, the message board lit up with other skincare enthusiasts who admitted finding out Maritza was using an apricot scrub made them "cringe," and even went so far as to say it gave them "another fear of winding up in prison."


Posters also shared some of their apricot scrub horror stories, revealing that using the abrasive facial product has left them with enlarged pores in areas and microtears on their skin. They recommend gentler facial scrubs to avoid these issues.

Normally, I would think pores would be the last of your worries in prison, but knowing Maritza and Flaca, I'm sure this advice would be top priority for them.