One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Just Got A Tattoo On His Butt (Photos)

by Lydia Mansel
Getty Images

I was just casually scrolling through my Instagram feed, and I came upon this photo of Louis Tomlinson with a little girl.

I freaked out.

Is this his kid??

No, no. It's too soon.

But then, a few scrolls down, I came across THIS picture.

Louis got a tattoo on his butt??? His caption reads,

Soooooo this happened [peach emoji].

Ever the tattoo expert, Louis appears to be pretty calm in this Snapchat of the tattoo process.

The (former?) One Direction member already has several tattoos -- including a dagger and skull -- so we can only guess what this new one is.

Something to remember One Direction? The name of his future daughter?

Tell us, Louis!