Justin Bieber Started Rivalry With 1D Over The Same Album Release Date

Yoooo, boy band beef is going down.

November 13 will be a blessed day for fans because on that date Justin Bieber AND One Direction will be releasing new albums. Yes, the heavens listened to your prayers.

As happy as we may be, it doesn't look like Justin and 1D are too excited about it. Justin recently sent out a Snapchat where he looked at the camera and said,

The face you make when you come out with an album the same day as Justin Bieber.

Then he made a scared face.

Here's the full snap for your viewing pleasure.

OH SH*T, JUSTIN. You tryna start something? That video seems very much like it was addressed to 1D... I'm just saying.

Furthermore, Bieber was interviewed on a New Zealand radio show called "SMASH!" and shared his thoughts on why One Direction chose to release a new album on November 13.

He said,

I don't know if [One Direction] is really going on the road much, but we're talking about them right now, so it gives them some promo, right? So, that's probably why they did it.

He added,

I think it was strategy on their part because my release date was first... It's whatever. It's going to be fun. I'm excited to see what happens.

Are you really excited, Bieber? I see you throwing some major shade their way. One Direction, what's good?

The bigger question is, WHOSE ALBUM WILL I CLICK ON FIRST? I have one month to pick a side. I guess we'll see what goes down.

You can check out Bieber's full interview with "SMASH!" below.

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