One Direction Finally Drops Their First Music Video Without Zayn Malik

While Zayn Malik was busy making enemies on Twitter, the remaining members of One Direction did sexy space stuff in preparation for their new music video, “Drag Me Down,” which dropped yesterday.

With 1,445,290 views so far (six of them were me), the three-minute musical montage features the 1D boys as Earth's dreamiest astronauts.

The video, which stylistically harkens back to “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys, maintains some traditional music video moments, like the band singing intensely to a moving camera at ground level.

Before they suit up into their astro-gear, the boys cavort around NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston in their signature painted-on jeans and soft, breezy hairdos. I found myself thinking, were Harry Styles my roommate, I would totes steal everything he's wearing.

Directed by Ben and Gabe Turner and produced in part by Ben Winston, a 1D fave who also directed the vid for “Story of My Life,” among others, this most recent effort features some fun technology and dramatic sequences.

The concept is essentially a dream come true for anyone whose idea of the perfect man lives at the intersection of Louis Tomlinson and Buzz Aldrin.

As for Malik, he has not yet cast his opinion on the video, though he did voice his support of One Direction when they initially released the single for “Drag Me Down.”

So far, there's no word on whether or not Malik regrets quitting the band before getting the chance to bounce around NASA's awesome space facilities.

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