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Proof One Direction And Justin Bieber Should Go On Tour Together

Every once in a while, there comes a mashup of two popular songs that transcends all hopes and dreams.

"Sorry, You're Perfect," a One Direction and Justin Bieber mashup, is the defining song of this year, this decade, this generation.

But while you're listening to the groundbreaking track, take a second to imagine just how incredible it would be to see One Direction and Justin Bieber perform together.

Yeah, the cost of tickets would literally be through the roof. But I'd buy one. I probably couldn't afford groceries for the next five years, but I'd buy one.

There would be thousands of girls screaming, sobbing and fainting, but who cares? I'd be doing the exact same thing.

It would be the concert of a lifetime, and I have a feeling both fandoms would get behind this idea of a joint tour. So let's make it happen. Please.