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Olivia Rodrigo, who donned pink tipped hair in her "traitor" video.

Olivia Rodrigo's Pink Hair In Her "Traitor" Video Has Fans Losing It

I need pink hair now, too.

David Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Olivia Rodrigo is rocking a new hair color, ya’ll. On Oct. 21, the pop singer surprise-dropped the “Traitor” music video, and fans are going wild over her fresh look. Aside from arcade games and nighttime pool dips, the fan-favorite track features Rodrigo’s unforgettable hair color: pink. Olivia Rodrigo’s pink-tipped hair in her “traitor” video has fans losing it, and I don’t blame them.

Beginning with Rodrigo jumping on a trampoline, the music video quickly shifts to the singer swimming in a pool filled with ballet shoes, car keys, flowers and a mirror. Next, viewers are teleported to a truck bed and neon arcade, all shot camcorder style, making the video feel like a homemade clip. Towards the middle of the song, the pool magically turns into a clear, glass aquarium box, seemingly nodding to Taylor Swift’s “Lover” music video, suggesting the difficulties of having a relationship dissected under the public eye.

Rodrigo told Teen Vogue on Oct. 5 the “traitor” track is her favorite on the album, and surprisingly enough, she wrote it in 20 minutes before heading to dinner with a friend. “I think maybe in hindsight that made me write a better song,” she said, “because I wasn’t in my head thinking too much about, ‘Is this word perfect? Is this thing perfect?’”

Well, yes, the song is basically perfect, but what Twitter fans are obsessing over is the superstar’s stunning pink ‘do. Check out these tweets and see for yourself.

Fans on Twitter are freaking out over Olivia Rodrigo’s pink hair, but to be honest, I think she rocks any and every look. Here’s the full “traitor” video below.