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Olivia Rodrigo Revealed The Cardi B Tweet She Has Framed In Her Apartment

No, really. She's that obsessed.

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Remember when Taylor Swift posted in support of Olivia Rodrigo’s music on Instagram when “Driver’s License” came out in January? Well, it looks like Swift isn’t the only celebrity fangirling over the former Disney Channel star. Olivia Rodrigo revealed the Cardi B tweet she has framed in her apartment, and it’s no less than inspirational.

In a new, Aug. 4 interview with GQ, Rodrigo admitted to decorating her apartment with a framed tweet from Cardi B, and can you really blame her?

In case you haven’t heard it on repeat a million times, “Drivers License” is the melodic tune about heartbreak that fans couldn’t get enough of. Vulnerable and raw, the song had fans playing it on repeat. In May, Rodrigo dropped her debut album, Sour, that teenagers and adults alike devoured, and her honest, relatable lyrics are largely to thank for that fervor.

In an interview on Apple Music, the star said that Cardi B inspired her to be open in her lyrics. "[Cardi B] gives me courage to sort of say whatever I want to say," Rodrigo said.

Cardi B is known to be bluntly honest, and her tweet aimed back at Rodrigo is right on brand. The rapper wrote, “[You’re] doing sooo good for your age. Don’t let no toxic sh*t get to you and don’t let nobody restrict you from your voice.” Awwww!

“I honestly bawled,” Rodrigo told GQ about her reaction to seeing the tweet for the first time. “I literally saw it and cried. I was like, ‘Thanks, Cardi. I’m not going to listen to bullshit.”

The “Deja Vu” singer said that living alone has been an amazing experience for the most part. “I love living alone. I also just don't know how to take care of myself, though,” she said. In other words, adulting is hard. “I don't know what to buy from the grocery store or how to clean up after myself, I realized. It's been a learning experience.”

Although she just officially became an adult, Rodrigo seems to be adjusting considerably well. She’s turned 18, moved into her own apartment, and graduated from high school. Not bad, girl!

With everyone stuck inside, Rodrigo only recently had her first brush with celebrity. “It's just really cool to go out and have people be like, ‘I really like your music—that got me through a hard time in my life,’” she told GQ. “People would come up to me and be like, ‘Oh, I love the character they put on the show,’ and that's so awesome. But it's a totally different experience when someone's like, ‘Oh, it's a vulnerable piece of your heart.’”

Apparently Taylor Swift and Cardi B aren’t the only celebrities gawking over Rodrigo’s music. The singer and songwriter shared that Ed Sheeran is a fan, too. “Ed Sheeran the other day was like, ‘I love Olivia Rodrigo.’ And like, ‘I love that she writes her own songs, like rocks out.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, my God—that's so cool.’ I think he's one of the best songwriters ever. It's weird to think about people like that looking at my Spotify and turning on my songs. That's so crazy. But yeah, I'm excited to meet my peers too. I haven't met many people, so that will be fun,” she said.

At 18-years-old, Olivia Rodrigo is only beginning her career. At this rate, fans can only wait to see what big things she has in store for the future.