The movie 'Old' inspired so many funny tweets and memes about its central beach.

Old, The Bizarre Beach Horror Movie, Is Now The Silliest Twitter Meme

Only Paul Rudd could survive that beach.

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Social media memes tend to get old fast, but the latest joke taking over the internet gives a whole new meaning to that. If you even briefly glanced at Twitter over the weekend of July 23, chances are you saw tons of references to a beach that makes people old. The new meme stems from M. Night Shyamalan’s new horror movie Old, which has unexpectedly taken on a hilarious new life as Twitter’s favorite meme of the moment. Look no further than these tweets and memes about the beach in Old to understand the obsession.

Shortly after Old hit theaters on Friday, July 23, social media exploded with jokes about the movie’s central conceit. The psychological thriller takes place on a beach with a mysterious power to rapidly age anyone on it. In the movie, a group of vacationers discover the cursed beach and quickly learn that a mere half hour spent on its sands equates to a full year of life. As a result, young children become adults in no time, and older visitors decay right away.

It’s an interesting premise, but it also sounds kind of silly when you try to describe it, which is what made it perfect meme material. After the movie hit theaters, Twitter users posted tons of jokes about the Old beach, doing everything from imagining if certain celebrities paid the spot a visit to inserting it into song lyrics. Check out some of the best Old memes and jokes below.

Despite its online popularity, Old has received a lukewarm response from critics and moviegoers. The horror flick has a middling 50% score on Rotten Tomatoes, with reviewers praising the inventive premise but bemoaning that the film doesn’t fully explore what makes its ideas interesting. So, it may not be the big film return that master of the twist M. Night Shyamalan was hoping for, but hey — at least it’s bringing people a ton of joy on Twitter.