'OITNB' Star Matt McGorry Destroys Radio Show For Its Fat-Shaming Segment

by Taylor Ortega

Matt McGorry is basically the white, cisgendered, male feminist spy women send behind enemy lines to help fight for equality.

Like any spy worth his or her weight in black spandex and foreign currency, McGorry never stops fighting, even when he's Ubering.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, the “How to Get Away with Murder” and "Orange Is the New Black" actor hopped on Twitter and called out a radio show on 98.7 FM for a sexist segment, in which a female caller is asked a series of questions and listeners guess, based on her answers, whether she is fat or skinny.

The segment, aptly titled “Fat Chick/Skinny Chick,” is typical fare for “The Woody Show.”

Unnerved by the show's content, McGorry unleashed hellfire on their sexist asses.

.@TheWoodyShow Such as what their name is, do they prefer cooking or baking (of course no option for neither), do they like anal sex and — Matt McGorry (@MattMcGorry) July 9, 2016
.@TheWoodyShow @ALT987fm other collections of some of the worst shit I've ever heard on the radio. I remember it from @allisonficht getting — Matt McGorry (@MattMcGorry) July 9, 2016
.@TheWoodyShow @ALT987fm attacked in 2015. Where they mocked her for complaining to the producer by telling her to go make "bacon and eggs" — Matt McGorry (@MattMcGorry) July 9, 2016

McGorry referenced a 2015 incident in which student Allison Ficht was apparently mocked for complaining to the show's producer and told to make “bacon and eggs” because, you know, women are constantly making breakfast food in the workplace.

In response to McGorry's accusatory tweets, the radio show questioned how he could have possibly heard the show in a cab at night, as “The Woody Show” broadcasts in the am.

McGorry wasn't born Friday and tweeted a video to prove it.


In the video, McGorry chats with the cab driver about the sexist segment before asking him to change the station.

The people behind the show attempted to use their prior support of animal and LGBTQ rights to prove, though they have zero respect for women, they're not so bad.

@MattMcGorry this the kinda people we are pic.twitter.com/3ZXIFdXMNp — W O O D Y S H O W (@TheWoodyShow) July 9, 2016

McGorry and other Twitter users reminded the radio show all causes aren't mutually exclusive.

@TheWoodyShow @MattMcGorry this is also the kinda people you are #receipts pic.twitter.com/g1suuXucOL — jenn (@evilaIien) July 9, 2016
@TheWoodyShow @MattMcGorry It's easy to post a ribbon. Harder to make a good show that doesn't capitalize on subjugating women, apparently. — Tara Jepsen (@captaindingbat) July 9, 2016
@TheWoodyShow @MattMcGorry "we did two nice things once so we can't possibly be misogynistic jerks" is basically what you're saying. — brinean (@brinean) July 9, 2016
.@TheWoodyShow @MattMcGorry WTF @ the woody show trying to justify a sexist af segment by saying, "BUT WE SUPPORT CAUSES!" — Thomas Jerome Newton (@vulcanarchy) July 9, 2016
.@TheWoodyShow @MattMcGorry This kind of tone-deaf shit needs to stop. Don't use the fucking Orlando shooting AS AN EXCUSE, WHAT THE HELL. — Thomas Jerome Newton (@vulcanarchy) July 9, 2016

“The Woody Show” deleted every tweet questioning the validity of McGorry's accusations, but the 30-year-old WASN'T BORN FRIDAY, YOU GUYS, DAMN!

.@TheWoodyShow @ALT987fm Hello. Following up on last night. I know you deleted about 10 of your tweets and the description off the site. Can — Matt McGorry (@MattMcGorry) July 9, 2016
.@TheWoodyShow @ALT987fm we count this as an admission that you understand how bad this game is? (It's ok to apologize btw) — Matt McGorry (@MattMcGorry) July 9, 2016



@MattMcGorry @TheWoodyShow @ALT987fm pic.twitter.com/vuK5C6BNPO — steph (@apologies2urfam) July 9, 2016

“The Woody Show” hasn't responded, but at least it's finally learned, unlike radio, the internet is forever.

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