Noah Reid's music video for Catherina O'Hara included tons of iconic Moira Rose wigs.

Noah Reid Made A Music Video Honoring Catherine O'Hara And Her Schitt's Creek Wigs

This is such a Patrick move.

If you’re going to honor Catherine O’Hara, you better have a few wigs on hand. Luckily, Schitt’s Creek star Noah Reid totally understood the assignment when he recorded a touching tribute to his iconic costar for her Lifetime Achievement Award at Canada's Governor General's Performing Arts Awards on Friday, Nov. 26. After receiving the prestigious honor, O’Hara was surprised with Reid’s heartfelt serenade, and the best part of Noah Reid’s music video for Catherine O’Hara was all of her Schitt’s Creek wigs popping up throughout. It’s a perfect mix of sweet and silly, and such a nice treat for Schitt’s Creek fans who have been missing the show.

Reid’s music video for O’Hara played during the Canadian awards ceremony on CBC, and it was clear O’Hara was delighted by the surprise. In the video, Reid covered the Joni Mitchell classic “A Case of You,” belting out the emotional ballad while playing piano. And to make the performance extra special, Reid wore several of Moira Rose’s signature wigs throughout, inserting some humor into the moving moment. Viewers also got to see O’Hara’s live reaction to the video, as she smiled and giggled along with all the wig changes before wiping away tears at the end of the performance.

O’Hara wasn’t the only Schitt’s Creek star touched by Reid’s music video. Dan Levy shared the performance on Instagram, writing the he “will be watching this forever.”

As fans know, this isn’t Reid’s first time showing off his musical talents. The actor is also a singer-songwriter who launched his music career in 2016 by releasing his self-produced album, Songs From a Broken Chair, which he followed up in 2020 with his sophomore album, Gemini. Of course, his most well-known musical moment came in 2018, when he performed a cover of Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best” in a particularly memorable episode of Schitt’s Creek.

Since Schitt’s Creek ended in early 2020, fans of the beloved sitcom have no doubt been yearning for more of its unique blend of quirky absurdism and loving warmth, and thankfully, Reid’s new video is just the thing to have fans wigging out all over again.