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Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton in 'Bridgerton' Season 3

Nicola & Luke Broke This Piece Of Furniture During A S3 Sex Scene

This makes sooo much sense.


Nicola Coughlan has been teasing a destructive sex scene for months. While doing press for Bridgerton Season 3, Coughlan let slip that she and Luke Newton broke a piece of furniture while filming a steamy Polin moment — and she finally revealed what *exactly* they broke on Instagram, in honor of the release of Season 3 Part 2.

“Part Two is out now, we put our heart and souls into it, hope you love watching it as much as we loved filming it ❤️,” Coughlan captioned her Instagram post, adding the hashtag #PolinForever. The post featured Coughlan and Newton posing next to a chaise with a broken leg. She shared it on IG Stories, too, pairing it with the song “Chaise Longue” by the band Wet Leg.

Coughlan had been dropping hints about the broken furniture since Netflix’s 2023 Tudum event in June 2023. “We’re filming a very important scene in Bridgerton Season 3… something that happens in the books, and we broke a piece of furniture,” she revealed.

In April 2024, ahead of the Season 3 premiere, Coughlan clarified that the furniture breaking did, in fact, occur during a sex scene. “Yeah, hell yeah we did,” she told a reporter for 7News Australia.

Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2024

“It felt like a really safe space,” Newton added, commenting on their years of friendship. “There were moments where we could explore the scene and try it different ways and that ended up in a piece of furniture getting broken.”

According to Newton, the duo “just laughed” in wake of the destruction. He continued, “And then, I think Nicola spoke, like in her Irish accent, and I thought, it would have been so special — I mean, maybe it will be in the final cut, us breaking into laughter — ‘cause I think that’s quite Colin and Pen as well. So it would be nice.”

For anyone curious, the scene in question happens in Episode 5 around the 18-minute mark. JSYK, some giggling *did* make the final cut in the scene — but it’s still unclear if it’s the same laughter Newton was talking about.