7 Times Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Gave Us Definite #RelationshipGoals


Nicki Minaj almost broke the Internet again this week with an engagement tease, after posting more Instagram shots of a gorgeous diamond on her ring finger (with captions directed at her hubby, Meek Mill).

The caption reads: "Now this is what I'm talking about baby. Lol. Love u."

After everyone freaked out over the possibility of the engagement being for real this time, Minaj squashed that theory during her recent interview with Billboard.

She stated that they are not engaged, but Mill did promise to get her three rings before they got married.

Oh, yeah. Same.

While we wait for number three, can we just talk about how this dynamic music duo is literally #RelationshipGoals?

It's pretty badass when couples use their lyrical power to show off the strength in their relationship and squash rumors.

(Cue Beyoncé: 'Course some time sh*t go down when there's a billion dollars on an elevator.)

But it's safe to say these two kill the love lyrics game, especially when they collaborate on tracks together.

Below, check out seven lyrics that perfectly capture why Nicki and Meek are relationship goals.

1. “When he approached me, I said, 'Yo what the deal is?'" -- Nicki, "All Eyes On Us"

This can basically be translated to “love at first sight” in Nicki and Meek terms.

2. “She was the baddest, I was the realest” -- Meek, "All Eyes On Us"

When the queen of rap meets a proper man like Meek, a dream team is born.

3. “I only argue with him when the Lakers on, other than that I'm getting my Marc Jacobs on.” -- Nicki, "Right By My Side"

This is when your girl's sports knowledge game is as good as her style game.


4. “We're overdosing, can't stand it but I still love you.” -- Nicki, "Pills And Potions"

I think we can all relate to that "I hate how much I love you, but I can't get enough of you" feeling.

5. “I tell her keep on them heels and that mini skirt.” - Meek, "Big Daddy"

Because if Meek didn't pay any mind to Nicki's killer body, it'd just be wrong.

6. “Still at the top of all their hit lists. What they gon' do? Meek and Nick” -- Nicki, "All Eyes On Us"

They have haters.

They don't care.

7. “Stingin' with the Queen B and we be whippin' all that D, 'cause we dope girls we flawless, we the poster girls for all this. We run around with them ballers.” -- Nicki, "Feeling Myself"

Lastly: Beyoncé, Jay Z, Nicki and Meek.

These four. Together.

Squad goals.

Enough said.

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