Natalie Joy and Nick Viall

Nick Viall Addresses Online Rumors About Him & Natalie

He says Joy has a "target on her back."

Nick Viall knows what social media trolls have to say about his marriage to Natalie Joy — at least, he knows *some* of what they say. During a June 25 episode of the LadyGang podcast, Viall explained how he tries to stay offline, but is “aware” of plenty of online rumors concerning him and his relationship.

“I'm aware of a ton of rumors about me,” Viall said on the podcast. “And I know that I'm unaware of 90% more cause I don't read it. I don't read my own press, I don't read my comments. I'm not on Reddit — I actively stay off of it. And I'm just unaware of things that people say.”

Viall also acknowledged that Joy — who joined Viall’s podcast, The Viall Files, as a co-host — has had “a little bit of a target on her back” since entering the podcast space. “It is what it is,” he said, adding. “She’s gotten much better [at dealing with rumors.]”

According to Viall, however, ignoring the noise is never exactly easy. “You will never be able — you can never have thick enough skin to handle whatever rumors are about you,” he explained. Even now, 10 years after he first entered Bachelor Nation, Viall still has to work at it. “As much as I say I stay offline, I'm sure I've had my moments of weakness. I had to get better and better at this,” he added.

Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Viall also shared his strategy for keeping quiet. “When something happens, you're just terrified of what people might be saying,” he said. “And then two days go by and people move on. You're like, ‘If I had just not ever been made aware about this, I wouldn't have been stressed for two or three days. And that's what keeps me off.”

While Viall didn’t specify any of the “tons of rumors” he’s heard about himself and Joy, a fellow reality star pointedly went after the couple online that same week. On June 26, Harry Jowsey responded to an Instagram comment from a fan who mentioned mentioned that Viall had been criticizing Jowsey’s antics on Perfect Match. “Mate your getting roasted by @nickviall you should go on his podcast and do an interview,” the fan commented on IG.

Jowsey replied, “he can't keep my d*ck out of his mouth 😂 50 year old man gossiping about people in their 20's dating, he should be more focused on his wife cheating on him and repairing that then [sic] worrying about me 😂😂.”

Jowsey was referring to an unsubstantiated claim that Joy cheated on Viall after their engagement, which has been making the rounds on Reddit. While Viall didn’t directly mention that particular rumor on the LadyGang podcast, he did criticize “insane Reddits” during the interview.