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Nick Jonas Gushes Over His 'Unbelievable Connection' With Kate Hudson


Nick Jonas isn't going to say whether or not he and Kate Hudson got nasty, OK?!?

All he'll say is something like, sure, he and Kate have a magnetism that defines them as sexual beings, and, yes, their bodies communicate in ways their brains never could, but he's NOT going to kiss and tell, you guys!

In a cover story for Complex worth checking out for its badass mixed-media presentation, Jonas was asked whether or not he was, in fact, having sex with the actress.

He replied,

*slowly reaches out to Nick for a high five*

*... is left hanging*

*slowly reaches out to Kate for a high five*

*... is informed this is not the time or the place*

*asks who wants a sandwich from Panera*

*... is met with deafening silence*


*turns around to give everyone one last chance to put in a sandwich order*

*more silence, some stares*

*leaves for real*

Enjoy all your sex, Nick and Kate. I'll be waiting with an armful of sammies whenever you get hungry.

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