Nick Jonas Just Revealed The One Fetish He Has In The Bedroom

For a guy whose last music video is 35 percent shower fucking, Nick Jonas is a pretty sexually conservative person.

Dead and gone are the years of Jonas Brothers purity rings, promises to God, celibacy pledges and preachy “sex before marriage is cheating on your future wife” messages that underscored their tenure on the Disney Channel.

No, those Jonas Brothers died years ago when the group decided to call it quits and go their separate ways.

Now, the Jonases are in a whole new business: the business of fucking. And let me tell you something. BUSINESS. IS. BOOMING.

(This is all except for Kevin who waited until marriage to do the sex. Respect, Kev-o.)

The years of sexual repression do seem to have left some sort of conservative mark on Nick though, as he revealed to America's best friend and confidant Andy Cohen.

Nick's “yes yes yessss” list: Spanking (He says he's "got a firm ass.")

Nick's sexy sex no-nos: Porn in bedroom Tying to bedpost Foot fetish stuff Public places

Nick's "uhhhhh, maybe?!?!?!" activities: Hair pulling Furries Voyeurism

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