Niall Horan Is Living Proof Guys Who Wear Glasses Are Infinitely Hotter

by Katie Corvino
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Whether you love One Direction or not, you have to admit Niall Horan truly is a beautiful man.

This 22-year-old hunk of Irish meat captured our hearts since the moment he first opened those perfect lips and serenaded us with his voice.

Just take a moment and stare at this, please.


Wow. Did it just get really hot in here?

Anyway, I think it's common knowledge, at this point, Niall has the face of an angel. It's impossible to look into those eyes and NOT feel something.

And while he is hot and perfect on his own, let me just show you what this man looks like with a nice pair of black rims around those baby blue eyes.

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HUBBA, HUBBA. Are you unconscious yet? Because I'm about to pass the f*ck out.

Do you see how quirky, adorable, suave and sophisticated he looks? Yeah, THAT'S because of his glasses. Niall Horan is living, breathing proof guys with glasses are a billion times hotter.

There are plenty of logical reasons you should date a guy with glasses. Not only does he look super studious and smart, but he has two more eyes to appreciate you with. Seriously, what more could you want?!

Glasses kind of send you the mixed messages of, "I'm ready to rip your pants off" and, "Let's cuddle in the library while I read you some poetry."


Nothing. The answer is nothing.

There's actually scientific evidence and sh*t proving people with glasses are hotter.

In an excerpt from The Jury Expert, Michael Brown, PhD, said,

The eyes are the first thing we notice and the facial feature we spend the most time looking at when meeting an unfamiliar person.


Also, look at Niall's glasses from this angle. Look at how the frames wrap around his little ears. HE IS TOO CUTE.

I can't even put into words what this photo does to me. God bless those glasses.

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And this photo. Holy sh*t.

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I can die happy knowing I was alive the same time as Niall's glasses.

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Harry, Louis and Liam, you guys are hot and stuff, but can you put on some glasses?!?

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You guys should learn from Niall. OK, boys? Take notes.


He should throw out his contacts and never look back.

Niall, you're the best. Those glasses not only changed your vision but our lives as well. Thank you.

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