Reddit users are sharing their unpopular opinions about 'You' after Season 3 aired.

Reddit's Unpopular Opinions About You Are... Really Something

TBH I don't disagree with all of them.


Getting sucked into the twisted drama of a new season of You is always fun, but the real party starts when fans start sharing their thoughts on social media. Joe Goldberg’s maniacal decisions always wind up becoming a lightning rod for strong fan reactions, and in Season 3, that was multiplied by two, since Love Quinn was also on a murder spree. Think you’re the only one who feels some type of way about the show? Well, check out all the most unpopular You opinions on Reddit to see which you agree with and which you absolutely oppose.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers through the You Season 3 finale. Each season of You has provided a ton of fiercely debated talking points among fans. Nobody seemed to feel the same way about Beck in Season 1, and the Love twist in the Season 2 finale totally divided the fandom. Season 3 provided even more thinkpiece fodder than ever before, as Joe and Love tried (and massively failed) to form a doomed murder truce while raising their newborn son in the suburbs.

Shortly after the new season dropped, the internet exploded with hilarious jokes about the blood-soaked suburbanites. But the hottest takes were on Reddit. A thread asking fans to share their most unpopular opinions about the show popped up on the You subreddit a few days after Season 3 premiered, and it is filled with controversial thoughts, including the ones below.

1. The show should be about Love, not Joe.

“I would have rather seen Love live and have a spinoff of her next season. I feel like Joe has no capacity for growth and his character is starting to get stale and predictable. I’d much rather see love as a single mom trying to beat the patterns of her past.” — u/herathome


2. Love doesn’t deserve the hate she gets.

“Honestly, I really liked Love this season and — aside from all the murder — found her really relatable. Everyone I've talked to found her to be more psychotic than Joe and has generally disliked her character. But I love her.” — u/SadCicada

3. It’s good Joe didn’t end up with Love.

“I like that Joe obsesses over a different girl each season. The fact that he refuses to grow and change despite multiple opportunities is exactly what makes him so interesting. People who think he should’ve been happy with Love miss the point of his character, and him pursuing someone different each season in a new location gives the show a cool anthology-like feel, with the only through-line being him.” — u/Will-Upvote-For-Food

4. Candace was a great character to root for.

“I was rooting for Candace in Season 2. Most people seem to hate Candace. But I was really hoping to see her get some kind of revenge (though I knew she would never kill Joe).” — u/mCahill389

5. Love and Forty were way too close for comfort.

“Love has a thing for her brother and it showed with her relationship with Theo.” — u/DitzyWhooves


6. Theo wasn’t an innocent victim.

“Theo, while he was obviously taken advantage of by Love, wasn’t some innocent victim. He semi-stalked her after they first met and wouldn’t leave her alone despite being told to, by her, multiple times. He wasn’t some kid, he knew better.” — u/lydiaj02

7. Love and Theo’s relationship was creepy.

“Love’s relationship with Theo was predatory/creepy. Not sure if this is unpopular. I've seen many people on social media praising the relationship and wishing they ran away together though.” — u/BootyPoogly

8. Beck and Marienne aren’t as bad as everyone says.

“I don’t understand people that hate Beck and Marienne and anyone saying Beck was as bad as Joe … delusional. I get thinking they are boring. They aren’t anywhere as exciting as psychopathic Love, but the hate is outrageous.” — u/Snoo17340

9. It’s been downhill since Season 1.

“Season 1 was a million times better than the following ones.” — u/agustdidas


Since You was renewed for Season 4 before Season 3 even premiered, fans can expect a whole lot more debating about Joe Goldberg and the women he’s eerily drawn to in the future, so brace yourselves for all the hot takes to come.