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Netflix's Marvel Shows Are Leaving The Streamer At The End Of The Month

Watch 'em while you can!

by Ani Bundel
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When Iron Fist was canceled by Netflix in 2018, only a few days after Season 2’s arrival, it seemed the inevitable result for a Marvel TV show that critics were never fond of in the first place. But then Luke Cage was also canceled, followed by Daredevil, the flagship series of the Defenders interconnected universe. By the time Jessica Jones and The Punisher were added to the canceled list, fans were calling it the end of an era. But the era is now truly over, as Netflix’s Marvel shows are leaving the streaming service for good, starting March 1.

The announcement first came to light when the Defenders universe shows all got the “Leaving March 1” warning put on them within the streaming app. Although the “What’s Coming and Going” lists for March 2022 had not come yet, Entertainment Weekly, among other sources, have confirmed the shows are leaving.

This may come as a bit of a shock to viewers, especially ones who remember these six series (including the Defenders crossover event) were initially advertised as being exclusive to Netflix when they first arrived. That was seemingly the inherent promise behind the “Netflix Original” label; these shows were exclusive to Netflix and would be available there so long as one keeps subscribing to the streaming. But that was never really true. This is not the first time a “Netflix Original” has left the service either, though it is the most high profile exodus to date. Moreover, these are not the only Netflix Originals that Disney is gaining back the streaming rights to. The Soundtrack, a little-noticed 20th Century musical TV series that was nevertheless a critical darling, is also exiting at the beginning of March.

So, where will the Defenders shows go now? Daredevil character Wilson Fisk has already debuted on Disney+ in Hawkeye, and the titular Matt Murdock made a cameo appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home. That’s led fans to assume the shows will make their way to Disney+. (Elite Daily reached out to Disney+ for comment on this theory, but did not hear back in time for publication.)

However, fans who have watched, say, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, for example, might remember there were some very NSFW scenes in those first seasons. That was by design; Netflix’s foray into Marvel was supposed to explore more adult themes and be far less PG than the moves or the shows on ABC and Freeform. They are not the sort of thing one might expect to find on Disney+. Instead, it’s possible Disney will instead put them on Hulu, alongside the more adult-aimed Marvel’s MODOK, Marvel’s Hit-Monkey, and FX’s Legion.

That said, with the arrival of Moon Knight on Disney+, Marvel is getting a little less PG and a little more edgy. Marvel president Kevin Feige recently described the new show as loud, brutal, and a “different thing” than previous Disney+ series. So perhaps there will be room for the Netflix Defenders shows alongside the likes of WandaVision and Loki after all.

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