Netflix Shared 5 Major Clues About '13 Reasons Why' Season 2 And Fans Are Losing It


We're finally getting some official details about what Season 2 of "13 Reasons Why" is going to look like, straight from Netflix itself!

The streaming service just picked up the hit teen drama for a second season a couple days ago, and on Tuesday, it tweeted out five details about "13 Reasons Why" Season 2.

From the tweet, it sounds like Hannah will still be hugely important to the story (and still involved in it), the point of view will shift so that we see things from the perspective of the other students.

Check out the list of deets below and then we can break them down.


OK, so the first detail is we're going to see other peoples' perspectives on Hannah's suicide.

This basically confirms Hannah's story will still be central to the plot of Season 2. Netflix's tweet is based on an interview that Entertainment Weekly conducted with "13 Reasons Why" showrunner Bryan Yorkey, and he confirmed in that chat Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) will absolutely be back for the new season.

Next, we get a clue as to who might take over as the season's major character. Apparently, the new season will focus a lot on Jessica Davis' attempts to return to a normal life after finding out she was raped by Bryce.

This also ties into the fourth detail, in which Yorkey said the new season will focus on the flaws of our society's gender dynamics. From these two hints, it seems pretty clear Jessica will be even more of a major character in the new season than she was in the first.


The final detail is that Bryce is going to hopefully get punished for his actions, which seems to be another hint that Jessica will take center stage for Season 2. Alisha Boe (who plays Jessica) told Elite Daily she wants to see Jessica be involved in Bryce's prosecution this season.

Now, going back to number three, which is probably the biggest hint that's going to keeps fans guessing: The tapes are done, but there's still going to be a new narrator. So who's it going to be!?

I'll break down who I see as the best options for the new narrator.

Jessica Davis

As the other new details have been hinting at, it sounds like this is going to be a big season for Jessica. If the bulk of the season is going to be following Bryce's punishment for his rapes, then Jessica would be the clear choice to narrate.

Clay Jensen 

This feels like the simple, obvious choice. We already saw the present-day half of Season 1 from Clay's perspective. Maybe the show will just continue with that.


Alex Standall

Alex has served as Hannah's present-day mirror throughout Season 1, including going through with a suicide attempt in the finale. If he survives, he could take over Hannah's narrating duties.

Tyler Down

The most popular fan theory about the second season is Tyler is planning a school shooting. Obviously, this would become the huge, central event of the season, so we might hear all about it from his point of view.


The other little detail about the new narration Netflix left out of its tweet is that although the tapes are out, a new device is in!

Yorkey said in the EW interview "a different sort of analog technology" will be taking over the cassette tapes as the new important device of Season 2.

The tapes are still obviously on people's minds, but there is a different sort of analog technology that plays a hugely important role in season 2.

Hmmmm, interesting!! This is definitely enough to keep me and every other "13 Reasons Why" fan theorizing for quite some time now.