NBC Canceled 'Hannibal' And All The Fans Are Freaking The F*ck Out


OK, "Hannibal" fans, let's put down the knives and talk about this.

NBC's "Hannibal" got the ax on Monday after three seasons of not-so-great ratings.

The show, which boasted consistent positive reviews and a 97 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating, was regarded as one of the best written and most creative shows on TV, but it was never able to turn that quality into hard numbers.

Fans of the show did not take the news lightly and spent most of yesterday turning Twitter into one big, sad The Fray album.

Someone check on JCDropout.

The show's Westeros fans are not taking the news lightly.

This account is literally on the “SHOCK AND DENIAL” part of the seven stages of grief.

One person turned "Hannibal" getting canceled into a plea for gun control.

LITERALLY dead inside.

A sad song for a sad fan.

This is heartbreaking. Terrifying and heartbreaking.

He makes a good point...

This guy loves "Hannibal" more than his wife who told him it had been canceled.

OK, let's calm down for a second here.

There is some talk that "Hannibal" might pull a "Community" and find a second life online.

Fans of the show are already lobbying Netflix, Hulu and Amazon to bring "Hannibal" back from the dead.

Hannibal Buress wants you to know his show hasn't been canceled, BTW.

So until we hear otherwise, goodbye to you, "Hannibal."

Your fanbase was just like Danny DeVito at an all-you-can-eat buffet: small but devoted.

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