Mr. Feeny Took His First Selfie But He Made A Massive Amateur Mistake

Mr. Feeny is everyone's favorite fictional teacher from the 1990s, but he could learn a thing or two about life in the Internet age.

William Daniels, the actor who played Feeny, recently posted his first selfie to Twitter.

However, Daniels didn't even know what a selfie was before he took it. He had to consult Google on that one.

Daniels also had part of his finger in the shot, and that's a big no-no.

But just as Feeny was patient with Cory and Eric on "Boy Meets World," the Internet must be patient with Feeny.

Here's the selfie:

Enjoying our day at home. Someone asked for a selfie, and I had to google that. You're all teaching me now! -Bill pic.twitter.com/sOE43JRHR0 — William Daniels (@MrBillDaniels) May 14, 2015

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