Joseph Quinn who plays Eddie in 'Stranger Things' Season 4 attends the Season 4 Premiere
8 Movies And Shows Starring Joseph Quinn, For Stranger Things Fans Who Need More

He's a British television staple.

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Joseph Quinn stole the hearts of Stranger Things fans everywhere when he joined the cast for Season 4, playing Eddie Munson, high school outcast and leader of the Hellfire Club. From his wild, curly wig, to his endearing relationship with Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), fans couldn’t get enough of this new character. Luckily, if you’re now a Joseph Quinn superfan, there are plenty of other films and shows to catch him in.

It’s hard to believe, based on his accent in Stranger Things, that Quinn is actually British. In fact, while he may be new to many U.S. audiences, across the pond, he’s already something of an acting veteran. His career started in 2011 when he was 18, and his credits include mainly British TV credits. That said, you may recognize him from a small role he had on a very big TV show: HBO’s Game of Thrones. That role was one of his most intense ones yet, but it seems Quinn thrives in these dark, dramatic settings. His other past projects include movies about being a soldier during WWII, a show in which he brought a Charles Dickens character to life, and a limited series about the life of Catherine the Great.

Here are eight Joseph Quinn shows and movies you can stream now.

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Game Of Thrones

In Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4, Quinn played Koner, a soldier under Arya Stark. Although he never reprised the role, some Stranger Things fans recognized him from this 2017 episode. You can stream it on HBO Max.



This limited series, available to stream on Roku, follows multiple characters from Charles Dickens’ novels as they run into each other in England— it’s the multiverse of madness for 19th century British literature. Quinn played Arthur Havisham, the wild, cruel younger brother to Miss Havisham from the novel Great Expectations. Bridgerton alum Phoebe Dynevor was also a cast member.


Howards End

Similarly to Dickensian, Howards End is another piece of historical fiction, this time set in 20th century England. Quinn played a pretty tragic character, not unlike his role in Stranger Things, who represented the intense class divisions of this time period. The series, which can be streamed on Starz, Hulu, or Prime Video, also included Matthew Macfadyen (Succession, Pride & Prejudice).


Catherine The Great

This HBO series starring Helen Mirren was one of Quinn’s first experiences on a show with global popularity. He played Prince Paul, the only son of Queen Catherine.


Les Misérables

Quinn played Enroljas in the 2018 version of this classic tale of French rebellion. His character was the charismatic leader of the Friends of ABC, a revolutionary sect of French students. The series is streaming on Prime Video.


C.B. Strike

In this murder mystery series based on books by J.K. Rowling, Quinn played Billy Knight, a man with schizophrenia who reports a murder to the main character and ultimately helps the detective solve the case. You can find the series on HBO Max.



One of the few movies Quinn has acted in is Overlord, a J.J. Abrams film about American WWII soldiers behind enemy lines right before D-Day. Quinn played a relatively small role in the movie, a character called Grunauer. The movie is available on Hulu.


Make Up

Quinn has also done some indie projects, including Make Up, a women-led drama about cheating. In this fever dream of a film, Quinn plays one of the main characters, Tom. You can stream the movie on Showtime.

Thankfully for fans who loved Quinn’s brooding, mysterious, but goofy character, Eddie Munson, on Stranger Things, a lot of his former roles tap into the same energy.

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