7 Movies From The Early '00s That Completely Defined Our Youth

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When I was a teenager, movies actually meant something. Well, OK, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but my fellow Millennials know what kind of profound impact movies like "Mean Girls" had on us.

Back in the early to mid-2000s, teen movies were all the rage. They showed us how to be 30, flirty and thriving, and how to wear all pink and still rock a courtroom.

Here are the greatest movies that rocked our teenage world:

1. "Legally Blonde"

What girl didn't want to be Reese Witherspoon and get into Harvard Law? The answer: nobody. We all wanted to be Elle Woods. She was the chic AF woman we all envied and rooted for. We hated Warner and loved her sassy style and how she was always herself. Never did she sacrifice her originality or conform to societal norms. We loved that!

2. "Mean Girls"

We can probably relate to Cady and being the new girl, and we all know how much we wanted to be in the Plastics. That movie showed us it's better to be nice and get along in high school than to try to be better than everyone else. Sure, we didn't listen to that advice and 12th grade was still horrible, but hey, at least army pants and flip flops were a thing for a little while.

3. "The Notebook"

The kissing scenes alone were enough to make any teenager love this move. I mean, why can't Ryan Gosling tell me it isn't over? That movie made every girl aim to chase after her first love. It made us believe love will always bring you and your soulmate together. (Side note: This movie probably made you single because your boyfriend couldn't stand watching it for the billionth time.)

4. "Wedding Crashers"

OK, maybe we should just call this the Rachel McAdams article, but this movie introduced a whole generation to how hysterical the Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn combo is. Plus, you know you still routinely say "stage five clinger" when describing every bad date you go on.

5. "Hitch"

Ah, this was Will Smith at his finest while he was still trying to be funny. That movie gave you realistic portrayals of how crazy stupid love can make you, but that's why it's something worth chasing after. That movie not only taught us how to be ourselves around someone we like, but also that making a fool of yourself for love is the quintessential romantic comedy.

6. "Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen"

This was Lindsay Lohan when she was at her prime. That movie made us realize it's totally normal to chase after a celebrity icon. It also proved that yes, you can party like a rockstar and find true love all at the same time.

If that's the case, then how come Justin Bieber doesn't answer any of my calls? Seriously, that movie gave me very unrealistic dreams.

7. "Moulin Rouge"

There was nothing more romantic than Ewan McGregor singing "Come What May" at the top of his lungs. That movie made us want to live in Paris, try out that whole bohemian style and fall in love with a handsome writer type. To say Ewan wasn't the poster boy for hipsters everywhere is an understatement.

Movies during the the early to mid-2000s were the kind of movies that made us laugh, cry and pine for love in all the right ways. Maybe it's just me, but I miss those kinds of movies. They take me back to first loves, high school dances and really bad hairstyles. They made me believe that love, insane parties and transitioning from the nerdiest girl in school to the queen bee was totally possible.