You'd Never Guess This Is The Most Disliked Movie Trailer In YouTube History

The amount of likes or dislikes on a YouTube video speaks volumes.

On that note, you'd never guess the most-disliked movie trailer in YouTube history is actually Sony's "Ghostbusters" reboot, featuring an all-female cast starring Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kristen Wiig.

Now, the video does have over 200,000 likes, or rather, thumbs-up, and over 28 million views. But that doesn't take away from the fact that over 570,000 people wish it never existed.

According to Mashable, among the other most disliked videos on the list, the only other film-related video with the most dislikes/haters seems to be a "sing-along" version of "Let it Go" from Disney's "Frozen," which reeled in over 200,000 dislikes.

Since "Ghostbusters" has over 570,000, I think it's safe to say people really don't want July 15 to roll around.

Other highly-disliked videos on the list include Psy's infamous "Gangnam Style" video, which also has over 2.5 billion views, and Justin Bieber's vomit-inducing "Baby" music video (the only reason we know his name).

I'm not too sure if it's fair to have a classic film on the most-disliked list next to with Psy and Bieber, but we'll just have to wait until its July 15 release to see if it's deserved.

Check out the trailer above for a closer look... at your own risk!

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