This Model Who Was Body-Shamed Snapped Back With The Most Amazing Response

by Gillian Fuller

After being viciously attacked on Instagram by a body-shaming jerk, model Iskra Lawrence snapped back in the absolute best way possible.

The gorgeous Lawrence, who stars in Aerie's body-positive #AerieREAL campaign, recently found herself at the center of a ridiculous debate sparked by one truly revolting man-child.

The dude, who referred to Lawrence as a “fat cow,” condemned the plus-size model for promoting obesity and claimed,

It's only [because] every f*cker on this planet is obese that [this] is the norm…people like her [eat] too many bags of crisps.

Lawrence, understandably tired of all the judgment and ignorant assumptions, decided to teach the troll a lesson.

In the most brilliantly sarcastic response ever, the British model posted a photo of herself lying on the ground, nearly nude, surrounded by dozens of bags of crisps (“crisps” is the British word for potato chips).

The expression on her face says it all: Iskra Lawrence does not give a f*ck what you think about her body.

A second post (this one a slow-motion video) shows the model defiantly eating from a bag of chips with her middle finger in the air. In the caption, she explains,

This is for anyone who has ever been called FAT…The message is who gives a F what anyone else thinks of you. YOU are the only one who decides your self worth.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Iskra Lawrence, you've earned yourself a new admirer.

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